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  1. Actually, yes, i guess some of them would be red marks. But some of them are definitely scars, they're not red, and the skin just looks like it sinks in.
  2. I agree, you should try Cetaphil, that's what i used before i switched moisturizers and it worked well. It had SPF 15 which is a bonus. And my skin is terribly sensitive and was super dry during the regimen so i would give it a shot. I switched moisturizers to see if something would be even better, so i tried Ponds Dry Skin Cream and i liked it a lot. I added Jojoba oil and that made it even better! I would definitely give them both a shot (and the jojoba oil, too)!
  3. I was using the regimen for about 3 months but have recently stopped. i've always had consistent pimples on my chin, and a few more elsewhere. not so bad. i decided to try trentinoin (for some stupid, stupid reason) and it ruined my skin. i got my first couple of scars, consistent pimples developed on both cheeks, and others popped up more frequently then before. but ive never really had a problem with scarring. i switched to the regimen. i made sure not to pick whiteheads to avoid scarring. i r
  4. Sorry for starting so many posts! But okay, i'm going to an outdoor music festival soon, and obviously it's going to be scorching hot. I'm not comfortable enough with my acne to skip wearing cover-up, and i know that i'm going to end up sweating. Sweating+coverup+trying to fight acne = baaad idea. I'm not sure what to do at all...help?
  5. thanks c'est la vigne, i'm definitely gonna follow the whole finger thing, that helps a lot. and thanks arkwell! i was thinking of trying cetaphil face lotion too, i here a lot of good things about it. hope it works for you!
  6. thanks for posting the FAQ. i started using just a light coating as it said, because my skin seems to be very sensitive (every face-wash i have used thus far makes my skin feel dry, and i've used plenty) and just recently, after about a week and a couple of days i increased the amount to about double. maybe i'm using more the i think i am? maybe i increased the amount too much, and too quickly..
  7. I've been using the regimen for about 2 weeks now, and all of a sudden my skin feels so bad, and looks awful. Right away i noticed a lot of clearing but all of a sudden my normal pimples are back, and my skin is always tight, flaky, and just gross looking. It burns after i use the BP, and after i use the moisturizer. The area that burns is also very flaky and wrinkly looking. Am i doing something wrong? I wash twice a day, and use on-the-spot and moisturizer after each wash. please please please
  8. I just started using the regimen thoroughly, for about 2 weeks. Before i'd use it for about 3 days, but i'd get busy so i didn't have to time to keep it up. When i first started using the regimen, everything was normal, but for the past 3 or 4 days, after i apply the benzoyl peroxide, parts of my face will burn/sting! i was thinking at first it could be due to me switching face wash, but it didn't happen when i first switched. i'm using aveeno ultra calming foaming face wash, neutrogena on the s