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  1. I've the same problem, but not the same area. (Mine is closer to the mouth). I don't know what can help you... Im using glycolic acid 10%, but one week ago i burned my skin... x_x my new burn-spot is bigger than my zits spots, so be careful if you want / or you are using this stuff. Ps. You're cute
  2. Hi ComfyCat! (By the way, I love your avatar ^^). Thank you so much for the answer!... Im not using any kind of topicals, just AHA, at 10%. The brand is MEDIHEALTH, is the only brand that i could find in my country! . I had a crust on the burning place, right now is gone, but the "new skin" is SOOO red!, it's worse than my acne spots... I don't know... my face is a mess, im depressed. Anyway, thank you, again, for your time... ps- sorry if my english is bad, is not my first language...
  3. Hi everybody!, this is my first post here!... Im a 16 years old girl from Lima, Perú. My skin diseases started 6 months ago, and right now, I'm almost clear... Im feeling great about this, but now my problem are some scars (just one or two) and a lot of red/brown spots in my cheeks!. Two weeks ago I started using AHA (Glycolic acid 10%) and everything was fine until today!. Some spots are gone, and another are slowly fading... but fading, anyway!. Today, after a warm shower, I applied the glyco