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  1. So, I'm back on the regimen. I don't know why I ever stopped ... I guess because I woke up one day, got lazy and was like, "Oh, well, I have clear skin now! I can't ever imagine acne coming back to THIS face!" Lol. Stupid me. So, I've broken out and have been that way for awhile now. Back on the regimen, it is! Haha. I'm just SO glad I have an option now ... Even if I stupidly stop again, I still have the DKR option, and that makes my life so much easier! Has anyone else had an experience li
  2. Yes, this is very normal. Most people will see an initial breakout after the first 2-3 weeks and it will clear up rather quickly. Wait for it! You will love your skin for it.
  3. Thank you for that update =) I've tried the do-nothing method, and let's just say it didn't work =(. But I've been on Dan's regimen and have had very good success.
  4. How do you apply it? Is it very gently? I understand - most of us are impatient and have instances where we'll slap it on real quick, rub it in extra fast, and be done with it, and suffer the consquences of red spots :/. On the days that I'm very gentle, I don't have that problem... I'm actually a very pale, fair person so... I dunno. Perhaps you are just very sensitive. But don't be afraid to experiment, but do try to give your skin time to react to what you're changing.
  5. Technically, no. You weren't following the regimen. It's not practical using 10% bp, as you experienced what many others do with 10% - overdrying, cracking, peeling, burning (what seems like an allergic reaction, but it actually just irritation from too strong of the chemical). Take a week off for your skin to recover. Afterward, try to start the REAL regimen slowly. The skin coloration should return to normal if you give your skin some rest from using the 10% (I don't even think they should b
  6. I can tell it's purging them. That's awesome. Just stick it out with ONE regimen for the next few weeks - if you change it up too much between now and then, you won't be able to tell what clears you up and what doesn't. After about a month, if you are still getting bad breakouts, then you can slowly start to change your regimen again.
  7. Just a question, Have you tried Dan Kern's regimen on this site? It's hard going through such a condition, I and many others understand. I mean, your face is the first part people look at. With such a state of mind, a person might not even THINK about our acne and we'll delude ourselves into thinking that they MUST think about it, because WE think about it so much.
  8. Just as starlight causes cancer (Gatta love family guy), breathing air causes acne. ... ... ... ... (j/k)
  9. First, it depends on what moisturizer you use. Second and most importantly, you do know that pimples form in the hair follicle TWO WEEKS before we can see them, right? MEANING...... Your moisturizer isn't making you immediately break out. Now, if it's a rash, that's a different story. But It's ENTIRELY possible that two weeks ago, not using moisturizer made your breakout worse. Another thing is, the longer you dry out your skin with a regimen without using a moisturizer, the quicker aging g
  10. I had one of those when I was younger. It'll go away eventually; mine did.
  11. Do you moisturize? Please add that step in. Are you sure you have severe acne? Most people only THINK they have severe acne when they only have mild... Try this regimen for a month (I'd be careful with the anti-blemish pads though... possibly cut them out of your regimen. Salycilic acid and BP usually don't mix too well and result in worse skin). If it doesn't show improvement, try the DKR (Dan Kern Regimen) on this site.
  12. The stuff you release is a combination of dead skin cells, white blood cells, and some bacteria. If you pick (most people don't release a pimple and treat it correctly) you are making the problem worse by: 1) Not putting an antiseptic on it to help clear existing bacteria in the pore that your body is trying to get rid of. 2) Possibly spreading the bacteria to other parts of your skin on your face causing more infection of pores If you leave it alone, your body will eventually win the battle ag
  13. Using 5% was my mistake too when I tried BP the first time (age 12). My skin was extremely dry, cracked, I would use very little but at inconsistent times and I don't particularly remember using a moisturizer. I was miserable... I stopped the treatment because I thought I was damaging my skin; using 5%, I probably was! This is my second trial with 2.5%- following CLOSELY to Dan Kern's regimen, and I have seen nothing but positive results. 2.5% is drying enough in the beginning stages, but it is
  14. When you tried BP, how did you apply it? When? For how long? Most important question: Was the concentration 2.5%, 5%, or 10%??? Did you apply a moisturizer afterwards? What other treatments have you tried, and for how long on each? There are so many things that could go wrong if a person doesn't follow a good BP plan which is why I have so many questions. Perhaps if you could provide some more detail, we'd better be able to give reasonable suggestions without shooting in the dark.
  15. People like this are, well - like dogs that need to be trained. All they need is a dominate personality and they'll be as pliable as butter. Body language matters before anything you say. Don't down-cast your gaze, keep your shoulders up and straight. Speak with a calm but firm voice, and don't smile or pretend to laugh when you are unhappy about something - it's passive aggressive and shows the other person that they are dominate - the less they know, the better. While it might be fun and fee