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  1. The real worry is first impressions. People think acne will initially put the opposite sex off you and will never get a chance to know the "real" you. Because you have low self confidence and a poor image of yourself, you project that into what you "think" the opposite sex are thinking of you, ultimately you don't think you have much hope because you end up not blaming them for the thoughts that you "think" they have. I know i probably am not making much sense here, but acne sufferers just do
  2. Image below is 5 days on from the above image, still following the regimen i posted above. Redness is going again, skin is feeling smoother and not aggravated at all. Must note my chin was like a world war II bombing ground before this as well, it's totally clear now to. My cheeks were also full of very big spots.
  3. Sure thing, was going to post it next week when I know if its really working. All i am using is benzac 2.5% and clean&clear truly gentle facial wash soap free. This is the best cleanser IMO. The whole idea is to keep it simple, don't overload the pours in your skin with different products, especially if you are very sensitive, this will work great. Before you go to bed, wash your hands, then splash your face with warm water. Lather up the cleaner above in your hands then give your f
  4. Hi guys. I already know the cause, i stopped using BP. Nothing else from my lifestyle or diet changes. Anyway, with much research i decided to experiment on my own "Regimen". I lost the photos above but for those who remember, below is a picture of how i look now 5 days into my own Regimen. Seems to be working well and stopped the current breakout in it's tracks. I have so far had nothing new appear ANYWHERE which is encouraging. I will post another picture in another 5 days w
  5. If I'm honest I eat crap mostly always. In face the 6 year spot free period is where I ate the worst ! My diet hasnt changed and I'm still quite active. It only come back since I stopped using pan oxyl I have not tried dans regimen if I'm honest. I take it the whole idea is to cleanse, put bp 2.5 on then moisturise? I had a read up just and that's the jist I get. I use an oil free cleanser from clean and clear soap free then benzac 2.5% and I'll see how that goes every night. Just taking
  6. Holland and barrett sell 500mg of these, it says times release, does this mater?
  7. A bit of background. I have suffered from big spots for about 10 years. I was put on every tablet and cream going by the doctors but nothing controlled it. I then started using PanOxyl BP 2.5% and this stopped it in its tracks. I gained all my conficence back, I went from being a single, lonely, un confident, jobless nothing to managing a company, owning my own place and getting a GF. That was 6 year ago, and the product has been discontinued now to my utter anger! Yes you guessed it, t
  8. You should get your facts straight before making erroneous claims. Time Released are just as good as regular b5 except TR absorbs at peak intervals so that you don't have to take as much to gain the same effects. I'm taking TR B5 and I have had no problem with them working. Do your research. Have you even tried TR? Yeah.. thats what I thought! I have already done my research. Most of the people who took TR did not have success. To adam: It didn't do anything to my oily skin, sti
  9. Thanks matey, i really do appreciate people input. I am so depressed to the point i no longer want to go out,i get so anxious outdoor and this is the sole reason for it. I may come accross as desperate for help on things like B5, so im sorry on that front Really want to cure the oilyness. I will start with 3gramms of TR B5 today then? Not sure if i should take 2 (500mb) tabs, three times a day to start? Thanks, Adam.
  10. Didn't do anything for your acne or greasy skin? I don't have any spots at the minute, just oil. What would you reccomend for my skin?(see pics)
  11. My B5 says timed release. Is this correct, or do i need something else. I will try 3mg for 3 days, then go to 5, then 8, if i cope with 8 ill up to 10. Also started to take 1 tablet of B - Complex 100 a day. Thanks guys, i have some pics in gallery of how greasy my skin is now. Ill post pics every week. Comments welcome. Thanks, Adam.
  12. I've got a bottle of 500mg B5 but it says TIME RELEASED. It this a problem or should i not bother?
  13. Has anyone been using this for pure oilyness and redness?(see my gallery) I currently have no spots for the past 3-4months, just leak oil crazy. Should i try this, or take B5?
  14. Could anyone have a look at my gallery and see tell me if they think this will help with oilness and crapness of my skin?