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  1. Wow thanks for making this post! It's very informative. Didn't know about the 3pm rule. I was just told to take it in the morning and at night. I'm currently on 50mg of Spiro daily and doing aztec indian masks with ACV 5x a week. I was applying BP to my breakout areas which is pretty much my entire jawline and neck and I asked my derm if it was ok to do that still and he said if I felt it was helping me then I could continue applying the BP. On the days where I give my skin a break from the mask
  2. Have you had any hormone tests done? I recently went to see a dermatologist because I'm having the worst breakout I've ever had right now and he recommended Spiro too but he also gave me a low dosage. It's 50mg a day. He brought up that I might have cysts in my ovaries and I need to get hormonal tests done. He gave me a list of about 7 tests he'd like me to do. I need to call and ask how much each test costs which I'll do soon. He didn't want to give me a high dosage of Spiro because he wants to
  3. Ok, so I have painful severe acne on my jawline and neck. Some on my right cheek that are a bit bad but not as bad as my other areas. I recently went to a derm and he recommended Spiro 50mg daily and aztec indian clay masks with organic apple cider vinegar. These photos I took after 4 days on my treatment. Unfortunately I don't have before shots. I will try to update this every couple days or at least every week.
  4. Hi thanks for your comment, so what did you change in your diet? My derm recommended not eating dairy(which shamefully I have to admit I've been cheating) and not eating broccoli which I found odd. Also no carbs for dinner. Was there anything else you did to beat your acne other than diet?
  5. Hi, thanks for commenting, my derm thinks my acne is stemming from a hormonal imbalance that could be caused by having cysts in my ovaries. Pretty soon I want to go get lab tests done for my hormones, I want to see if there is anything thats internal that's causing this. I really REALLY don't want to take Accutane. I want to try other routes before I think of that as an option. If there's nothing wrong with me internally and if I continue finding alternative solutions that don't work then Accuta
  6. I just try to tell myself that I'm doing everything I can to improve it. Unfortunately only time will tell if what your doing will work. All you can do is use the products you think will work or your dermatologist recommended to use. Other than that just be patient and hopeful. You just got to tell yourself you're doing everything you can and it's out of your control and only time will heal it. If you feel insecure about it just remind yourself that most of the time others won't treat you differ
  7. I haven't used this site for awhile, I used to be active on it two years ago, but I got distracted and didn't continue using it. I've been suffering with moderate to severe acne for the last 4 years. Right now I'm having the worst acne breakout I've ever had. It's severe on my jawline and neck and a bit on my cheek. I'll be honest, I'm in tears right now. Two years ago I saw a derm and I was on products that actually improved my condition. It didn't make it go away 100% but about 70% and I felt
  8. Liss! You has no been online for a couple months, I'm hoping it's because you're clear and no longer need to use the site. Anyway if you come across this, just saying hello!

  9. There are 4 main factors that contribute to the development of the acne you see on your face/body: hyperkeratinization (excessive shedding of skin cells within the pore), oil, bacteria and inflammation. Your Derm has prescribed you an oral antibiotic (Solodyn aka minocycline), a topical antibiotic (Duac), and a topical antibiotic/retinoid combo (Ziana). The antibiotics kill acne bacteria and the retinoid normalises hyperkeratinization while all of them may reduce inflammation. It would be
  10. It sounded like a lot to me at first too, but I'm apply a very small amount of it each time. A pea sized amount to my face and neck which is very little. I'll be applying a lot of moisturizer afterwards each time. It probably will over dry my face, but I'm going to try it out and hope it doesn't become too much of a problem. If I see it does then I'll lessen the amount I put on and probably call my derm and let her know.
  11. I went to go see a derm for the first time yesterday. She prescribed me two topical gels to use. Duac in the morning and Ziana at night. I'll also be taking Solodyn everyday. I haven't started these yet, but wanted to ask for advice on all of these medications seeing that I'm new to it. It seems like I was prescribed a lot to use initially and I'm thinking I'll break out a lot from it in the beginning. Anyone have any thoughts on it? Has anyone taken these together and seen success?
  12. See I have been hearing this kinda stuff since I was 13. to have "not so bad" acne for almost 10 years..... its time for accutane. Sorry I didn't know that you've been suffering for that long with acne. Accutane just scares the crap out of me because it seems so intense because of the side effects. I also read all the time that the acne comes back for a lot of people. I really hope you're not one of those people and it works out for you. I've only been suffering from acne for less than 3 y
  13. You want to go on accutane?? From what it sounds like your acne isn't severe so I don't know why you would take that risk. My acne is moderate(in some cases it looks like it's going on severe), but I wouldn't even consider accutane. My acne has flared up baaad right now, so your post really speaks to me. I feel like my acne is crippling me from enjoying my life. Right now I seriously don't even want to leave the house. It's painful to go to work like this and see all my co-workers with their per
  14. I agree with everyone else. It was probably too much for your first time trying it out. I only use ACV diluted with water as a spot treatment. I only use it over an inflamed pimple. I would recommend diluting it in water some more and only use it on a small area to test it out for a week. If your skin looks better then you can apply it everywhere. Always test before applying something new to your face.
  15. My acne starting getting under control once I stopped using all acne related products. I stopped with the BP, moisturizers, etc. At first I only used aloe vera and later on I used ACV diluted with water for only inflamed acne. It took about 2 months for the acne to go down, but now I have AWFUL scars. I'm seeing some fade away now, but I know I'll be left with indented scarring. I'm currently still using the aloe vera in the hopes that it will help with the scars and I also will start doing hon