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  1. I have been on Oratin for over a month. I was on accutane a few years ago, but acne had come back and I was again struggling to get rid of it. I didn't want to go back on accutane as I the side affects from it are so terrible and I also don't want to take the risk because I want children in the near future. I was searching for an alternative and came across oratin. It is very costly, but I figured I have wasted so much money to get clear skin already it was worth a try. My results........... T
  2. Hey Slash, I know how very hard battling with acne can be. I've been struggling with it since I was 14 and I'm now 25. Believe me...I've been down the road of depression because of it too many times. I too have been on all the prescriptions that you listed and also on accutane. Although accutane did clear me up initially a year after treatment it was back. The derm wants to put me back on it for a second round, but I refused to do so again because of the side of effects and the damage it do
  3. In desperation I gave up dairy a week ago. I would typically consume 1-2 glasses of milk a day and 2 servings of cheese a day. Only 7 days into this and I have not had any new cysts forming. I'm going to keep it up and see what happens. Its worth a try.
  4. My expereinces with derms haven't been too great either. They don't know anything more about acne than I do. I've been put on so many differnt kinds of meds and topicals and tried many different combos of both. Unfortunatley when it comes to treating acne its pretty much just trial and error. I have yet to find a regiment that truly clears me up and keeps me that way. Accutane is the only thing that gave me noticeable improvements. I managed to go from severe acne to mild acne while on it and
  5. I can't even describe the damage that other peoples words, whispers and stares have done to me over the years. As if being scarred by the acne isn't enough! I spent years never looking anyone in the eye and walking with my head down. The only reason why i started doing that was because of the reactions society gave me about how I looked. Just standing in line at the grocery store could turn into a nightmare for me. I love how people look at you and then look away with that look of pity and the
  6. Hey Everyone, This is my first post here in a long time. I think its been years actually. I too have been contemplating giving oratin a try and finally gave in and ordered some. Yes it is very pricey, but like dan52 said...I've already spent so much money looking for a cure to this dreadful condition. I have the credit card statements to prove it too! Everything out there makes claims guarenteeing improvement. I have not had much luck with anything except accutane. Accutane worked great f
  7. The Best thing I have found (and I have tried a lot of different products) is Serious Skin Care's Skin Clearing Moisture Replenishing Creme. This stuff is great! It doesn't leave your skin all shinny and oily feeling like so many of the others do and it doesn't cause breakouts or have a funky smell. I apply it at night and in the morning after washing. YOU Have to TRY THIS! I truly have had great results.
  8. Steppy- I would not recomend taking Accutane for mild Acne. I personally had severe cystic Acne and Accutane worked wonders for me, but the side effects are horrible. I'm sure the derm will tell you that Accutane is a last resort. There are lots of others drugs and combos of drugs that you should try first. I know how horrible it feels to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see. Hang in there. I'm sure there will be something that will help.
  9. I finished taking my first and only course of Accutane almost 2 years ago. I have had dramatic results and have not suffered from any major breakouts since. I do however get a few pimples here and there but they are small and go away fairly quickly. I now use the continuously clear products from serious skin care and I'm sure that these products have helped keep me in the clear as well.