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  1. yea i know... i just need to be more forceful... but thats not me... oh weill i guess ill give it a try next time i see her!
  2. my "new" dermy is offically a dumbass... i went there... with blood tests in hand and all... he didnt even examine me he was like " summers comming come back in sept" I cant believe i spent 20 euros via the italian NHS to go and see him... worst money i ever spent. At least i used to spend 80 euros privately but it was well spent.
  3. Heya all! Just a quick introduction- My name's Amedeo, 18, with acne. My worst breakout was in 04 and i never fully recovered. I've tried everything BP. differin, minocin and variants. Then i went on Accutane. 30 MG for 5 months. It was great, I loved it. If it were a person i'd marry it. But after the course finished after about a month my acne started to coem ack, not as bad as before but v v v noticeable. I resisted from July last year to now with my facewashesa nd differin, but its not do
  4. my dermy made me separate the dosage... i was on 40 mg and she made me take 20 at lunch and 20 at dinner.... no idea if it might have any relevance but give it a try- maybe it gives ur body more time to adjust than just one huge does
  5. I know i really should get my act together! anyhoos are next meeting is going to be after june 21st cos shes graduating and i really hope i can tell her then... anyone got any advice on methods?
  6. I've known her for 6 years... we went to school together...then i moved but I've always kept in touch. We've written letters to eachother and always kept in contact. Ive moved back and I've been seeing her (not in date, just as friends) and yesterday she invited me to her place for a movie night thing and i ended up staying round for dinner. So while we were watching the movie her brother (he's 5 and actually really cute) wanted to watch it with us... I would've been ok with it be she was absol
  7. 1) it only helps minimally: Maybe for you. I've seen this drug help PLENTY of people. Please don't generalize. 2) takes AGES to work: Most acne meds do. To expect any acne med to work you should give it at least this long anyway. This includes accutane. Although it may dry you out fairly quick (in most cases), it still may take months for a result. 3) it's bad for the liver: accutane isn't? The perpensity of either accutane or minocin to cause liver damage when taken correctly is minimal.
  8. Acutally tbh Minocin is one of the worse antibiotics ui can go on. I mean in general its better to avoid, but 1) it only helps minimally, b) takes AGES to work, and C) its bad for the liver. I think if u wanna put ur liver and kidneys in danger go on accutane. i did both, and i was much happier with the 'Tane
  9. I wait till i pee like about 4 times, then i go to bed. Actually, mishmosh, it was an idea i cam up with, and so far it's worked!!
  10. I go like 3-4 times before i go to bed, but the water is processed in like 45 mins. As i said, it's either that, or break out like crazy.
  11. To honest, I say to myself... sleep more, or get acne. Guess which I chose?
  12. I had acne bad acne, (see my gallery) but I haven't had breakfast since i was 15.
  13. hmm always ask a girl u interested in out before the "good" friendship. cos then u have all that shit about "omg do i wanna ask her out and ruin my frienship with a nice person" blab balbalbal... It's bad, i've been thrui t b4. And to his day, for 5 years, i have fancied natasha. And to this day, i love her. and to thisday she is still only my good friend; How sad? EDIT: PS Religion Sux Well, depends which religion.
  14. In my honest opinion the best way cleanse yourself is to eat nothing but Fruit for 2 days. Kosher fruits are: Kiwi, Peaches, oranges, grapes, tomatos, apples, pears, apricots Avoid high-sugar ones like Bananas. That's the cheapest and best way to cleanse yourself. To help your liver I'd drink lots of water before bed. It's a new thing I'm trying. 1.5 litres of water 30 mins before bed is helping not break at all so far. try it. For information, see http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.p
  15. Even so, I had just completed a Tane course, and into my 3rd week, and spots were popping up everywhere... Now that i'm drinking all this water, i aint anymore. It's either a coincidence, or a good thinking. I'm not saying it's good to CURE acne, I'm saying it's good to PREVENT it. And isn't prevention the best cure? -DRu