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  1. i havent used lemon as a night lotion for a while and ive had some minor breakouts. Ive been putting on lemon mix water on my face as a night lotion for the past 3 days and man skin looks great in the morning. Im amazed how a dollar (2 lemons = 2 weeks worth) can do so much. It also works great for my bacne.
  2. Picking and squeezing is the worse thing you can do to your acne....I know its hard to deal with zits but trust me, once you touch it, your acne gets worse from the oil on your fingers. From my experience, putting lemon water (squeeze lemon mix with water) on the face and drinking hot lemon tea calmed my acne. Do it everyday and your face should look healthier with less acne. make sure u put sunscreen when u go out.
  3. I went to a dermatologist in Japan and he told me that none of the acne products can help heal acne. He told me quit all bad habits (soda pop, cigarettes...etc.) and just use a bar soap. Ive been using dial soap and its prob the best skin care product Ive used since I started getting acne.
  4. From my experience, Bp just makes acne worse. I had a painful acne on my nose and I had a clear & clear BP at the time so I put that on and guess what my acne looked the next morning? WORSE than ever...Im never buying Bp products...If I were u, id stay away from it. Try some pure lemon (mix with water) on your acne. Might get a better result.
  5. I used to get zits all the time when i smoke a cigarette but I dont get anymore since June...Im wondering if its the fish oil, vitamin A &B, and zinc i take everyday that calm the zits from appearing on my skin..and my skin doesnt get that oily anymore. anyone have the same experience?
  6. theres a special tool that pop zits and dont leave a scar. anyone know?
  7. Ive heard skin culture is so strong that it can damage your skin....Ive heard it can cause horrific breakouts....Id talk to a dermatologist before using it....the most safest skin peeling would be at a skin clinic....Ive experienced 5 sessions of skin peeling and it got rid of redness and minimized acne and my scars look less visible.
  8. My friend who is a girl told me once that most cosmetic products will clog pores. Im sure thats something every women would know( Ithink?)....She started getting acne last year and switched to makeup that is completely made of mineral and I remember her telling me she stopped breaking out. Give it a try. If you smoke, it will clog pores even worse with makeup.
  9. is ACV effective for backne? Ive been dealing with bacne for 3 yrs and i really want to get rid of it.
  10. My skin gets red from BP. Try skin peeling at a skin clinic. Its the best for redness. Also try using lemon and goat milk soap. Check my blog about it. hope it helps.
  11. I finally found the blackhead tweezer..I used to use this back in Japan for blackheads on my nose and it does the job. I moved to the states for college and I started getting clogged up pores on my nose (my nose gets red due to clogged up pores...i hate it!) so I was in desperate need of using a blackhead tweezer but I left it back home...I went to safeway, walmart, and target and I couldnt find it anywhere...Blackhead tweezer is usually in the skin care section in Japan so I assumed it would b
  12. if your just dealing with acne, get some skin peeling at a skin clinic. it solved many skin problems for me.
  13. Thanks for the input angel. Ill definitely give warm lemon juice a try. When you put pure squeezed lemon juice on ur face, make sure u mix it with a little bit of water so the citric acid will not sting your skin.
  14. Ive used the Differin gel before but it did no good for me....I was recommended to use that after my skin peeling sessions at a skin clinic.
  15. Higher the better. If you're in the sun a lot everyday, I recommend at least 30. If you're going to play sports in the hot sun, definitely over 30. You know why there a some americans with red skin like on their face, neck, and arms? They're skin is very white( will burn like hell in the sun) and they dont put sunscreen. I say this from my experience as well. My face is not red anymore cuz I put sunscreen everyday. Japanese women are known for having great skin. You know why? One of the main rea