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  1. You should not be using AHA daily, it's supposed to be 2 times a week, 3 max. Also, I might consider a different moisturizer for the day. Are you SURE that Olay is non-comedigenic?
  2. When I first started the regimen (about the time I started to increase the dosage, so like a week and a half in), my face got very red, dry, and peeled. Within a week this subsided and I now enjoy almost completely clear skin with no redness.
  3. It doesn't burn or sting, and I've been on the regimen a month. It itches. It used to burn but it doesn't anymore, it just itches.
  4. I'm slightly itchy with just BP, but when I apply Dan's moisturizer I get much itchier. I do add some Jojoba, which might be the problem here. But it's itchy enough to make it hard to fall asleep and I constantly want to itch my face which is bad for acne.
  5. Stress, humidity, antibiotics, can all be factors in acne. I would play around with all three variables and see if you find success. Try to relax more, buy a humidifier, and go to a derm and get some acne antibiotics prescribed.
  6. Have a couple white heads that form in that crease in your upper lip, and I was wondering if I should try using salicylic acid or if AHA will do the trick.
  7. I had mild acne (see my photo: http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz312/N...Picture004.jpg) And now I am clear, a week and a half in (there are like two non-inflamed very small bumps, and of course red marks from old acne, but thats it). However, my skin is pretty red after recently upping the dosage to half a finger's length (maybe slightly over). Because I am clear now, should I just continue using the smaller amount of BP? Or just let my skin adjust and keep trying for the full finger length
  8. Yeah 10% BP I can't imagine being good long term. Too irritating. If your mom seriously refuses buying online, at the expense of lots more money, you CAN try using Nutreogena On the Spot. It's 2.5% BP.
  9. I don't think so, but I've never really had white heads so I'm not sure. I google imaged it and it doesn't really look like this: http://skincare.lovetoknow.com/images/Skin...mpleCloseup.jpg Like the pimple was red, and now it's white and it looks like it's ready to pop particularly on my chin. I can take a picture tomorrow but my camera isn't on my at the moment.
  10. Any touching of any kind can irritate the skin. Fingers are also loaded with oils and bacteria if not washed right before touching the face. If your boyfriend is touching your face, that can definitely be a factor in breaking out.
  11. lol you do not need clear skin to get ahead in the world by any means. Don't go spreading around lies like that. You need confidence, a good attitude, and work ethic to get ahead. You can overcome anything with or without acne, it all depends on how you approach and view the world.
  12. Peanut butter is actually an acne aggravate I've heard. You should look it up a bit more and try avoiding it for awhile.
  13. I don't see how people can pick at the skin and then expect the regimen to work perfectly. Don't pick! You can do it. =D