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  1. lpak0215


    This is my 3rd week on yaz and my face is going nuts!! I have these painful cystic acne on my cheeks and they are so tender and all pussy. Its disgusting... I went to the doctors and he prescribed antibiotic pills. I havn't taken them yet, but hopefully this will help with the cystic acne. I really want to discontinue this but I'm afraid something will happen to my body if I abruptly stop. Does anyone know if its ok to just stop in the middle of taking the pills? I don't know if i can wait 3~4
  2. lpak0215


    it has only been five days since I have been taking yaz and all of the replies are freaking me out! Does it really take 3 months? that's so long! Im using proactive as well. Do you think it will help with the crazy breakouts for the first few months? I don't know, im getting iffy about it... Did anyone break out again when they stopped yaz??
  3. when you put the physicians formula concealer on a dry acne, does it cover the redness well and is it creamy enough that the acne does not look dried out?
  4. I was wondering what is a good moisturizer for combination skin. Im using proactive right now and its drying my forehead and my lips area but my nose and cheeks are oily. Is there an affordable moisturizer with spf ?? Thank you~
  5. I have whiteheads, blackheads, and those small and large pussy acne...Its such a pain. Anyways, I'm using the EXTRA STRENGTH TONER AND LOTION FROM PROACTIVE and using the MINT WASH from ORIGINS ( just started like 3 days ago). My acne is very very slowly getting better but i still have these awful whiteheads that I just cant get rid of! I bought the OUT OF TROUBLE BY ORIGINS mask because the worker said that it will help with the whiteheads..but i was wondering if any of you guys had any succe