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  1. I have mostly boxscars .I had fractionated Co2 done,similar to repair. I am still red but the scars have significantly improved. When did you have dermabrasion done?Did you receive other treatments?
  2. Had erbium yag a week ago.Result is at least 70% improvement.Doctor said 70% will sustain.But I remember many members have said microswelling post procedure is misleading.However,some also said erbium yag ,unlike fraxel ,does not produce heat that causes the swelling. So,should I be happy now or wait and see? Anyone here had erbium yag?I had fraxel and improvement was about 10%.
  3. Is it just me or does idonotcaretohelp sound a little arrogant and aloof? This is a place where we share info and ask questions. Like the other member said,of course there will be people asking you excitedly when you tell them your scarring is gone!!!!Taking into account you brought the machine into Uk makes you what???...too proud to show us the ropes?And you are disappointed that the other members didnt bring in a machine too ??Many members here are constantly being asked about their valua
  4. We do appreciate your being around but its irrelevant.Its great that you are sharing your knowledge but you are capable of offering much more than that.So far,we have not acheived much by going to the medical community with the info we have.Believe me,we have gone to great lengths in spreading the words.Its not easy as many members have tried to convince other doctors .I think the most convincing way is to have YOUR patients or even yourself to speak to these doctors on a professional level.
  5. Maybe BRD doesnt have much to offer.I believe BRD means well but have u guys ever wondered beyond his reason that he doesnt want to be seen as soliciting business online.........that he doesnt quite have the answer to your problem yet?If his treatments were really the solution everyone is seeking,then we should be hearing about it by now.We should be seeing patients with excellent results.We have members from all around the world digging up infos from every corners.Photos.reports and study case
  6. 350-1500 pounds treats how many scars? Does anyone know if Dr Chu uses the nokor or just regular needle?
  7. Where does everyone buy their LEDs?