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  1. Is that common to have an initial breakout from omega 3s? I've taken supplements of fish oil before and don't recall this happening, but supplements do absorb different from food I guess..? Ha, I eat nothing processed, and I don't eat grains. Other than fish I've just been eating vegetables, usually either raw or steamed, some berries but not much, and a little bit of nuts (which have never hurt me before).
  2. I'm on vacation and the only meat I can eat here is fish, so I've been having it at least once a day, usually more. It's mostly been salmon once a day, plus either tuna, sardines, or more salmon.. I started breaking out noticeably more and I'm bleeding a bit, as if my period is starting even though my period ended last week. I can't think of much else I could be doing differently. Most, if not all the fish, was wild caught if that changes anything.
  3. This is what I look like in certain lighting, it doesn't look THIS bad all the time, but it shows what I'm talking about. I don't know if it's rosacea or not. Other than the appearance I don't have any of the symptoms, no flushing or 'triggers' I'm always the same with it. My face never feels hot or anything. So can it still be rosacea? Is it just broken blood vessels? Let me know what you think, I know I'm not going to find all the answers here. Also the rest of my face is dull, which looks
  4. What I eat regularly: Apples Broccoli Almonds Cucumber Brown rice Quinoa Sweet potatoes Olive oil Carrots
  5. I tried the overdosing on vit B, all it did for me was give me diarrhea. So, good luck.
  6. I don't cheat, because my disgust for fake food overpowers my desire for it's taste. I've gone through other supplements, A, E, Multi, Zinc, but fish oil is what I'm most consistent with. I stopped eating processed foods over a year ago.
  7. My skin has been like this for a long time, longer than I've stuck with one cleanser, but Cetaphil is probably what I've used the longest. I have some aloe vera gel I got at GNC that has some added vitamins in it that I've been using. I have oily skin, I've been trying really hard to balance that for a long time. I tried the paleo diet for a few months last year and I was pretty strict. It helped my acne a bit (because it helped balance my blood sugar better than the diet high in d
  8. The type of skin you 'had'? How did you get rid of it and how do you look now? Yeah my acne got a lot better once I changed my diet, I still break out but nothing like I did before.
  9. I eat healthy (I eat nothing unnatural, mostly fruits and veggies, maybe one serving of brown rice or quinoa a day, occasional fish or eggs...) I take fish oil and I don't use a harsh cleanser. My face looks like I have rosacea (although I don't have any of the symptoms besides the red appearance) and where it's not red my skin is dull and even with a yellowish tint. Anyone have any idea what I could do?..Maybe a dietary change, maybe I'm malnourished? I don't know what to do
  10. If you look through the zinc reviews, there are some people who report having the same effect.
  11. Thank you So does this actually make your face peel? And how long does your face stay red? I'm wondering if I would be able to use it before bed and look normal in the morning before school.
  12. What's the best peel/product for fading red marks, shrinking pores and brightening skin? My face is very dull compared to the rest of my skin, which is bright and pale... I was looking into maxi peel but feel iffy about it. It's the only one that seems to have brightening as one of its main results. What else fades scars AND brightens?
  13. I think I have an allergy to beans. Even soaked ones. At least, the last time I was eating them everyday, I started breaking out in cysts (unusual for me). Also, I started eating Ezekiel bread a week ago and have been breaking out bad sense so I'm stopping that. It is also made with beans, although I suppose it could be the wheat. Or both. But I don't know. Just made some fermented spelt bread. Hopefully that'll be okay.