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  1. Birth control pills are all quite different - they can have different levels of synthetic estrogen (though they all use the same kind), and most use different types of progestin. The progestin used will have various effects, depending on your body and the typical chemical "behavior" of the progestin in question (20something20's post mentioned some differing effects of a couple different types of progestin). There are other differences as well, including whether the hormone levels in the pills
  2. I've taken four different types of birth control over the years. One made me break out horribly, one didn't seem to affect my skin at all (but gave me horrible mood swings), one helped a bit (but also gave me mood swings), and the one I'm on now is great. No side effects and clear skin (with the help of spiro). Our bodies react differently to different types of BC. If you have concerns over the type you're taking, talk to your doctor. Tell them what you want out of BCP (clear skin is a common d
  3. I don't use the RAM much anymore, but my skin is more used to it now. My face doesn't get irritated and red (yes that was caused by the RAM), though I still get a little flaky. Good lotion, microdermabrasion, and my Clarisonic help with that though. If you're going to use RAM, you really have to stick with it for at least three months. If you don't want to deal with the IB and irritation that's certainly going to occur during that time, then just stop now. No reason to make your skin irritate
  4. Well, I sort of did the reverse of what you're asking about - I started spiro, then started BC. I was initially on spiro without birth control pills for three months. I started out on 50mg 2x per day, then I was upped to 100mg 2x per day. It caused me to have my period every two weeks, which was too annoying for me to continue using it. I think it was too high of a dose for me to be on without birth control. My skin was breaking out really bad before I started it, and I wasn't clear when I deci
  5. 1. What BCP are you on? I'm currently on Ortho Cyclen (for almost 6 months). This is a monophasic BCP, meaning the hormone levels don't change each week, as they do with the multiphasic ones like Ortho Tri Cyclen. I also take 50mg of spironolactone each day. In the past I've taken Ortho Tri Cyclen (for a couple years, but it didn't help my skin much), Seasonale (for three months, but it gave me horrible mood swings and didn't help my skin), and Yasmin (for I think 4 months, but it made me break
  6. My dietitian and doctor also (separately) recommended prenatal vitamins because of the higher zinc levels (I was trying to consolidate my many supplements). They both knew I was taking spiro when they recommended them. It's never a bad idea to give your own derm a call if you have any questions/ concerns, however.
  7. I originally started taking Yasmin to try to help my skin, but it only made it worse. My doctor switched me to Ortho Cyclen (which is mono-phasic, meaning that the hormone levels don't change each week, unlike some other BC such as Ortho Tri Cyclen) and prescribed Spiro. I've been on them consistently for almost six months now. As soon as I started taking this combo, my skin started improving. I did not have an initial breakout, but it took about three months for me to clear up completely. I ta
  8. It's been almost a year since I updated this log, but figured I should now that I'm actually clear. I was pretty sure something in my diet was increasing inflammation, so about 4-5 months ago, rather than going through the hassle of an elimination diet, I took a food allergy test. I found out that I'm allergic to wheat and chocolate (). So, now I'm strict about not eating wheat and chocolate, and less strict over the low GI stuff. A couple months after my last update (March 2010) I decided t
  9. Well, I haven't posted in quite a while... but I have some time (finally).. My regimen is pretty much the same, but I've added iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum in the AM. I like this stuff a lot; it's anti-inflammatory. I've also added the Obagi blender 3x per week in the PM, (it has hydroquinone) which is to help with marks/ scarring. The diet is going well, and I'm mostly gluten-free too. Overall, my skin is better, but still not clear. The past month or so my forehead started breaking out a bit.
  10. Seems like your skin is improving... That's good to hear!
  11. Sounds like your acne is similar to mine (mostly just whiteheads, which make your skin bumpy + occasional big inflamed spots that last forever)... the retin-a made me break out pretty badly for a few months while it brought all the whiteheads to the surface... my cheeks were really covered in whiteheads... my cheeks are all smooth now, though, and I'm mostly just dealing with red marks. My initial breakout seemed to last forever, but when I switched to the .1% RAM my skin started finally gettin
  12. RAM 0.1% - Day 38 Low GI Diet - Day 46 Well, I can finally say that my initial breakout is over. Aside from the red marks (which are easy to cover with makeup), my skin is doing very well! My esthetician wants me to keep up with what I'm doing for a couple more months before we focus more on the red marks, though. It was quite a battle with the IB (it lasted about 4 months!), but my skin is now pretty much the best it's been since my pre-teen years. I'm pretty amazed that my cheeks are actual
  13. RAM 0.1% - Day 29 Low GI Diet - Day 37 Things are still going well. Just two active spots. They heal so much faster now, and I never get inflamed ones anymore, which is also an improvement. I still have a bunch of red marks, but they're getting lighter, and they are easy to cover. The ones on my cheeks and chin fade a lot faster than the ones by my nose or on my forehead. Weird. Anyway, my skin seems to do the best when I use the RAM at least 5 nights a week, and I've been using glycolic/ sal
  14. If it was the IUD causing your acne, then things should get better now that it's gone... The birth control pills should help regulate your hormones without promoting any new acne formation, while your topical treatments should help with the acne that's still brewing as a result of the IUD. The oral antibiotic is anti-inflammatory, and should also help reduce the formation of acne. Good luck, it usually takes a few months for your body to get back on track, but things should certainly get bette
  15. Metformin is a very common prescription for those with PCOS, especially for women trying to become pregnant. Most treatments for PCOS are similar to treatment of diabetes (type 2), because PCOS is related to insulin resistance (for example, PCOS might be controlled with diet/ lifestyle changes, supplements to increase insulin sensitivity, metformin, etc).