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  1. go to the section of the board thats relevant to your topic. Scroll down and there should be a 'new post' button (bottom right of the page), click on it and away you go.

    1. yes, but you can get it cheaper. bye bye lotion (i think that is what its called) is the same thing just a lot cheaper. they sell it at some drugstores, but you can get it at drugstore.com.
    2. dontstare

      In need of help

      diet change. eliminate everything except for fresh vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, pork, turkey, nuts, seeds, and some fruit. don't eat starchy tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, ect), any legumes (peas, peanuts, ect), certain fruit (bananas), dairy, soy, or anything processed. go back to the basics. it's called the paleo diet. you can find out more by googling it. hope i helped.
    3. dontstare

      acne acne acne

      the four letter word i have come to know as my life has caged me in these four walls i call a bedroom. i'm not sure where to start... i guess where most things start: at the beginning. well, up until i was about 13, i had no acne. i didn't even know what it was. sure, i knew of pimples, but most of my friends didn't have any either. the most exposure to acne i had was through television commercials. it was a good great time. i could do whatever i wanted, eat whatever i wanted and, pro
    4. dontstare

      No breakfast or lunch is curing my acne

      It might be working because you have reduced your calorie intake. How much do you eat after 3?
    5. dontstare

      My Ultimate New Experiment

      Yes, it is working because you reduced your calorie intake. That isn't good and won't last long. As soon as you go back to eating normally (which you will since you will be hungry), don't be surprised if you break out. Have you tried going paleo?
    6. dontstare

      paleo diet

      I had a quick question. I've been paleo for 9 months without cheating once and I've seen drastic improvement. I am almost completely clear. I don't use anything on my face, besides water and an occasional exfoliation scrub when I need to. However, I still break out on my forehead (don't know why). My question though is: is butternut squash okay to eat? I was just on nutritiondata.com and looked up butternut squash and apparently it's loaded with carbs. Almost as much as a potato. Potatoes, yams,