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  1. you think 3 months is bad i have been on it for a whole year... but thanks for the help. Maybe i will get off doxy. Does lemonade work the same as lemon juice? But i know it has high sugar. Should i get on a zink suplement? So far my fish oil i don't think has done anything for me. That soap does it work like a cleanser? cause if it does ill try using it in the morning
  2. What do i do with the water/green tea and r you saying i shouldn't take doxy? Also probiotic is just restoring good bacteria right not like a pill?
  3. baking soda, diffirent foods and tons of water, fish oil suplements, doxycycline, bananas to restore bacteria, duac topical gel 5 and 10% benzoyl.
  4. Hi i have had terrible redmarks on my forehead for over a year now and they have barely faded. I am on all types of acne stuff and a prescription too but nothing helps. Thats my forehead. Please if you have help tell me