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  1. I'm a little confused on the AHA. My son has been on Dan's regimen for about 5 weeks (not much improvement yet). Now on the regimen page, Dan says to add the AHA after about six weeks or so on the troublesome pimples. After reading some of the posts above, it looks like it's being used as a moisturizer as well? I think I'll have my son just try a little on some of the spots to see if there is any irritation before using all over. Any recommendations from those who are using AHA on a regular
  2. I read about the Joesoef Acne soap too. There are some reviews from people who have tried it. Overall, it seems to be getting good reviews: I went to Nutrition World yesterday and picked up a bar of Enzymatic Therapy Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap. It worked extremely well for a girl who had severe acne. They said she comes in for the soap every other week so she doesn't run out of it. Right now, my son is on his second week of using Dan Kern's regimen. I'm going to give it a little mor