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  1. i've started using estee lauder's double wear + lucidity translucent pressed powder. it glides on great and good coverage. havent experienced a breakout with it. i would stay away from mac though- i fell like it triggered my cheek acne. i also use nars primer since i still have a lot left but im sure estee lauder's is just as good. moisturizers are kinda hard to come by. right now i'm using philosophy's hope in jar for extra dry skin. sometimes jojoba oil at night. and purpose moisturizer
  2. yea definitely shop around the pharmacies. my insurance is shit. the last 2 months ive been paying close to $400 for 40mg prescription at walgreens. i had no idea other pharms were cheaper! like someone said in the above posts- i found sam's club to be the cheapest. and i think next was either target or walmart. my med bills come out to $300 for the damn tests. which im just making small payments on currently. it sucks
  3. i have the same kind of redness. i was never red before i started it. really anything can set off the flushing looking. it can happen after i wash my face, while i'm talking, after i eat, outside for 2 seconds. its red red red.
  4. Okay I'm finishing up month 2. i know some people have posted about sweaty palms and feet... but what about body odor? i'll occasionally have a "hot flash" regarding sweaty palms or feet... it'll quickly go away as it just appeared. but what i do have a really big problem with is stinky armpits! WTF i was at my derm yest and was too embarrassed to bring this up because of the hot intern. i've been reading up it on it... and it could be from constipation, liver, kidney damage, food, imbalanc
  5. i have! ive been on claravis for a month a half and my cheeks exploded. my left side is still fucked up. i've literally never had cheek acne before. chin cleared up, blackhead on nose are almost gone. forehead clear. just the damn cheeks
  6. whoa. i was just freaking out. i'm on my 2nd month of claravis 40mg. and twice tonight in my sleep i experienced vertigo. and i thought i was dreaming! until i tried to open my eyes while laying in bed- the room was spinning! i'm seriously hoping that drinking more water will help. i was thinking yesterday too... i need to be more conscious of how much i drink cuz i think i hardly did yesterday. been eating too much though. but i hope this goes away
  7. love4dmb- i am currently on day 20. my face is hell too. and i refuse to leave the house if i dont have to. im hoping it is worth it in the end. my face was never this bad. and makeup is hell to put on too.
  8. my period came a little early and last 9 days. started off super light, then hit heavy, then regular. weird.
  9. maybe this help. all i ever had a big problem with acne was my chin. everywhere else..id might get a cyst once in a blue moon. been to different derms off and on for yrs. this time (now 25 yrs old) i decided to take it more seriously- to find something that actually works. only to not find anything currently finacea was doing pretty good. but since i stressed out this last week- whoa face is lit up. 3 cyst on my chin 3 on the side of my face that have finally calmed down now i have 1 more
  10. i feel like i am in the docs office every 2 weeks getting cortisone shots on my face i currently have 6 cyst on my face. chin/side cheek area. not terribly bad but terribly annoying and slightly painful. i seriously wish theyd just give me the vial so i can do the shots myself. but is it a little too much to be going to the docs often that often? i was going to try to hold out but seriously i cant stand it! right now i use avar cleanser and finacea. which was working great- until i had a
  11. im sick of it too. i notice it takes me almost an hr to apply the basics. and it still wont look right. :/ fucking skin.
  12. pet- seriously you have no idea rather it be one or a million pimples- when it's painful and all fucked up i think anyone should have the freedom to vent to and get advice.
  13. i started off at 25mg for a week and now its 50mg. i have NEVER had this issue before! i have a full head of hair that ive never had any kind of problem with. spiro is doing wonders for my skin too and im on the 2nd or 3rd week of this med. right now im doing every other day with 25mg until i have my doc appointment on Monday. She said its not from the spiro but it is! I've read stuff on it and plus other people's experiences. I know the topical spiro is actually suppose to help women with hair