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  1. I am the mother of a 15 year old boy who had acne very similar to yours. His also came with a vengence, in a matter of three months, he went from 2 blemishes to a face full of them. We tried everything and nothing ever helped. Since my brother used Accutane 20 years ago with great success, I literally forced the hand of my sons derm and told him that he had to give him the accutane. He did reluctantly (he wanted to give the rest of the topicals and other crap a chance) and it was the best de
  2. you definitely need another month - maybe two. tell your derm that you are not clear yet and are still breaking out. im sure if the derm is smart, he'll keep you on for another month or two. my son at 4 months was still breaking out and the derm kept him on for another 3 months until he was 100% clear. He told us that if he had stopped at 4 months, he would risk having to go on it a second time. We were not willing to do that and i told him so. He agreed and kept him on for an additional 3
  3. my son had the worst breakout and he didnt clear until month 4!!!! You just have to have patience and wait it out. Believe me, we worried that it wasnt working for months. But then, like a miracle, it started to work. He had to do 7 months but it was so worth it. Don't get upset, it will work. He is approaching 9 months post accutane now and he looks wonderful. Why do you think the derm doesn't care? Also what is your dosage and how bad was your acne before the accutane. The derm said it
  4. THe redness does go away in a few months. Your skin will return to normal color after about two months. Don't worry and congratulations!
  5. Hi Boston, im so glad that your daughter finished her treatment with success as I remember when my son finished his it was with happiness but also uncertainty. I know what you're going through, believe me. When my son was finished, he did not have any pimples at all, but a ton of red marks. The derm said that time would fade them and he was right. We never used any fade creams or anything like that. He did give him retin a, but we just used neutragema on the spot bp and that seems to work f
  6. Hi Boston, The derm also thought throughout my sons course that he would eventually need dermabrasion. The good news is no he does not need it. The doctor was amazed. I believe that the reason he did not need it was cause I insisted on him going on the accutane three months after he started breaking out. Believe me, he did not have mild acne. It was major and came with a vengence. In three months, it was severe enough for me to insist he start the accutane. The derm did not want to puet h
  7. I do believe you should allow your daughter to take accutane. I am the mother of a 15 yr old son who took accutane last year. I cannot tell you what a change I saw in my son once his skin started to clear. Was it a difficult decision, yes. Did I have as many questions as you do with depression, yes. My son was in a major accident three months prior to his treatment with accutane. He had major injuries (facial) and as a result of the stress from his accident, he got severe acne. We worrie
  8. believe me, your red marks will disappear, it just takes time. The accutane is doing its job by reducing the breakouts. It takes about two or three months of no more acne for those marks to disappear, but they will! By time your treatment is over, they will probably be 90% gone. Also, you can put a little concealer or makeup on them and it will look lots better.
  9. Hi Boston Im glad that your daughter is finally at the end of her treatment. As I have told you before, my son did 7 months of accutane. Yes, she will definitely clear even more in the next two months and also her red marks will start to go away. You mentioned that she still has some type of breakouts - is there many or just one or two? My sons derm would not take him off until he had no breakouts at all. I also do agree that certain foods seem to aggravate his skin. We found out that some
  10. I have to say that once my son started to use the moisturiser at about month 4, his skin got much better. Maybe it was a fluke, but it did seem toget smoother and clearer looking. His skin was dry but not as dry as other people seem to get. He used a moisturiser from the derms office which was really good. I think you should start using the moisturiser just put a little on at a time, dont slather it on and see what happens. Good luck.
  11. I have to tell you the red marks do disappear. After the accutane, it looks bad because of the red marks that are everywhere. My sons were mainly on his cheeks and believe me there were tons of them. I would say after about one month, they started to disappear. Now the only time we really see them is if he is sweaty or hot. And even then, you really cant tell. I dont know if I told you but occassionally he does put on a foundation very very lightly on the cheek area. It is a lifesaver and
  12. Hi Boston, Sorry for the long delay in replying - too much Christmas shopping and preparing! My son took the accutane for 7 months and right from the beginning his dosage was 80 mg every day. It was long and tough but he did it. Had some side effects - especially dry lips (which he still has and has a obsession with chapstick), bloody nose, achy bones, and red eyes. Thankfully, only has the dry lips and an occasional nosebleed some 7 months later. I believe that if your daughter is still brea
  13. My son continued to break out badly during the first five months of his accutane treatment. (he took it for seven). Believe me, at the end of two months, he was broken out everywhere but his forehead badly. He took predisone the first month and then after that, it was really horrible. We both never ever thought that it would get better. I really thought he would be one of the statistics that the Accutane just never worked for. I cried for him cause at 14 he shouldnt have to have a face of
  14. Hi everyone, Boston you asked for a good makeup - everyone was talking about Revlon. I also have a great makeup for skin. Believe it or not, my son uses it (he would kill me for saying that!). He puts on a tiny, tiny drop on areas that have a little bit of a breakout or slight redness, and its like magic, it looks flawless. Noone would ever ever know he has anything on his face. Its called Neostrata Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation SPF15. I buy it at Sephora. I also use it and believe me i