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  1. Thanks kimminz! arewna: Thanks! Its Covergirl Trublend the whipped one and then the trublend powder also. For concealer I usually use Neutrogena skin clearing.
  2. DAY 38 I didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted. I just feel like my log is so boring, still not much going on. My skin looks great, practically clear, and (sorry in advance boys, I know you love period talk) this is the week before my period and I usually break out really bad, but only got a few tiny bumps. Skin and lips still aren't too dry, blackheads look like they are finally on there way out, haven't had a nose bleed in over a week. Still have to wear make-up because of scar
  3. DAY 26 I can't believe its almost been a month! Went to the Dermatologist 2 days ago, she told me eveything looked good, so as long as the blood work comes back okay i'll be fine. I'm going to stay on 40mg the entire course, which will be 4 months, and I don't have bad acne, just persistent, and barely weigh 100 lbs, so I am okay with being on 40mg the whole time, kind of wish I could be on it longer though, but oh well. Acne still about the same, just a few little ones, nothing major, except
  4. It's actually depend on the severity of your acne, and if it is on your body or not also. The average time to take accutane is actually 4-5 months, 6 if it's extremely severe or if it's on your body also. My course is only 4 months. It does stay in your system for three weeks after, but I don't think tht counts as making it a 6 month course.
  5. DAY 20 So not much has changed, no new actives, the ones I did have are clearing up. Face no longer has any oil I am SO happy about that! I can tell the blackheads on my nose are trying to push there way out, they are getting darker and I can feel them now when I was my face. Side effects: Skin still isn't dry, it may be a little drier than normal, but I have always been really good at moisturizing even way before Accutane, so that might be making a difference. Bloody nose is about the only
  6. We totally are having the same issues, we find guys that are great, but we compare to are stupid Ex. BFs. Ugh men, I hate them all. So have you gone on any dates or hung out with this guy at all?
  7. Yeah, I think it's just hard because men suck, haha, sorry I am on an I hate men kick, but I'm sure you'll find a guy you're interested in when you are supposed to though! As much as I hate admitting it, I do think that everything happens for a reason and when it is supposed to. I had a hair dresser tell me that most people loss about 150 hairs a day, so I wouldn't worry about it unless it becomes like chunks of hair or something.
  8. Your skin is looking good! Definitely a change since your last pictures! Glad you like the EM!
  9. Congrats on the new girlfriend! I hope things are going well! Aquaphor is usually with the lotions, its made by Eucerin so it should be with all there products. Glad to hear your skin is doing good!
  10. I didn't start seeing changes until somewhere at the end of my second week or the beginning of my third so you should be having some soon, and when you do it actually is super exciting! Hope things are going well!
  11. Congratulations on your promotion, and having clear skin! I am a disney fanatic and have never been to Disney Land or Disney World, so I am super jealous I have ALWAYS wanted to go! Hope your body pains go away soon, and I get the nose bleeds and the gross dried up blood that hurts too, it sucks.
  12. DAY 18 Haven't really updated because there hasn't been much to talk about. I think the side effects are finally kicking it, I did wake up today with a cracked lip, but just in one spot, it didn't bleed or anything, but it kind of hurts. I've been getting nose bleeds too, but that's not unusual for me, I get them from allergy medicine also. My face is finally feeling less oily, but its still not dry. I should mention I have still been using face wash with salicylic acid in it, and my clindamy
  13. Don't feel bad about not updating as often because personally I'm glad you are out there confident and enjoying life! I hope the birth control does help and things keep getting better! Almost forget about the Everyday minerals! I had some trouble applying it at first, but I do like it, it just doesn't give me the coverage I need right now. I'm hoping to be able to use it once my skin clears up a little bit more. I noticed you said it looked awful when you first tried it, have you applied it aga
  14. Glad to hear you are happy and things are going well! Hope things continue to get better! Have fun at the wedding in your strapless dress! Super excited for you!
  15. Hey! Your skin is looking great! And I have to agree with George's Sister, it really is no surprise that you are nominated for that, every time I read a message from you on anyones logs it always so sweet and encouraging! Hope the rest of your course goes well!