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  1. Hey all, First of all thanks for the advice, I shall bear it in mind! I think that an 'acne day' on the surface is a good idea, but as someone said it would make people with the condition feel different and will probably make society exclude or point them out more. It would raise awareness of the condition yes, but I do not think that people will take it seriously as these days I think that people take interest in more life-threatening conditions or diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or mul
  2. Hey there, I'm 16, and thankfully it's not my friends! In fact I really admire two of my closest friends because they stand up for me against "the losers", which makes me feel a bit better. I do try and stand up for myself, but I think it's safe to say that these rude people simply don't have a clue in hell what it's like having to deal with acne everyday. I would also say that I'm not a depressed person, I'm quite happy because I know that my skin problem could be worse, and that I could be tot
  3. These people who take an insensitive view clearly have never had any form of acne, or they would know what it's like. Unfortunately, nobody ever sats anything politely about my acne-it's all negative "do this, do this" "why why why?". I just want to punch these arrogant arses in the face sometimes.
  4. Hi all I'm new to the forum so first of all hello to everybody! Right, here's the problem: I've had moderate to severe acne for about three years now, and even after multiple trips to my doctor, it hasn't cleared up. However recently it isn't so bad, but what is annoying me is that more and more people are pointing it out. Now I'm from England, where we are generally polite and don't point out this kind of thing, be it a skin problem, physique, or anything else physical. But I've noticed that p