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  1. Speaking of Olay products, I have been using this Amazing cream called Olay Regenerist Perfecting Cream at night...has really made my complextion nice...faded red and dark marks, minimized poers, skin is soft and smooth and has even given me a bit of a glow.....highly reccommended...I thought $17.00 was alot for a moisturizer, but the resluts are totally worth it!
  2. So after trying a myriad of products and "things" to help my acne, I decided to go back to the one true thing that has always worked for me. I've been using Klear Action for about a month now and I'm crystal clear. I couldn't be happier. I've tried so many things and Klear Action is always what I always come back to and keep using to keep me 100% clear. In fact my finance (who NEVER comments on how good my skin is even when I am noticing an improvement) commented to me and said that my skin look
  3. h, man I thought it was just me... I was LOVING the old BP Gel...my face had never looked better! HOWEVER, I ordered a new tube and used it and my face HATES this stuff. I haven't used the CSR since. And it worked soooo well for me too. But with th new BP my face was Constantly beet red and irritated when I used it. So, it's been sitting on my shelf and my face has been breaking out like crazy...and I've been scraping around for somthing that worked as good trying everything and anything. D
  4. no neck chest or back acne for me... and never on my nose either....maybe like tow pimples there my WHOLE life...but everyone else on my face is covered....
  5. Thought I'd be the first to reopen the discussion here..... Just out of curiosity of how everyone else was doin on this soap.
  6. Unfortunately this should be the next thread that makes it to the dump.....oh well
  7. Well, I have something that is working very well for me (and for others), but unfortunately we are no longer allowed to discuss it on these boards. So much for freedon of speech!
  8. Purple1976


    The Best of Times and the Worst of Times...
  9. I am looking for the answer to that question too...my face is covered (seems like layers and layers) with dark spots...not red marks, but dark spots....I was thinkin of using Black Opal Fade Complex...we'll see waiting for them to at least heal a little more first...but I know what ya mean, they pop up faster than they heal....
  10. Neutrogena sells one that's a Cleanser/Mask....I haven't personally used it, but I know it exists
  11. BlondeGirl....couldn't agree with you more...why are people so mean? This guys just trying to put the workd out to try to HELP others....geeez...
  12. I paid about $9.50 USD from Amazon.com ...I didn't get the Face Doctor Surgeon Soap, but I would consider it if I don't get 100% clear in a month's time..the borax ingredient in Surgeon soap scares me though...I"ll keep ya posted!
  13. I'm on week two of using Face Doctor Soap...Idid have a minor breakout when I started using the soap, however, keep in mind it was also the week before my period started when I starated using it, and I was also using AHA cream on my face for the first time also. So I can't say for sure whether it was the soap or not. Just to update, my skin is looking much better. The zits I have gotten since starting are going away fast and I've only gotten two new zits in the last week between my eyebrows. A