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  1. This is probably a stupid question....what exactly is 'apple cider' vinegar?? I live in Scotland and i've never seen it before, but then again i don't go shopping for vinegar all that often! So does anyone who lives in the UK know where to get it?
  2. ok so what ur all sayin is that i shouldn't be trying to get a tan, but its okay to go out into the sun as long as i've got lotion or whatever on. but what exactly do u mean by "long-term" sun exposure??
  3. I have redmarks on my face and I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks, so i was wondering what effect does sun have on them. I've read that it has a negative effect and may cause them to take longer to heal, but surely getting a good suntan would make them alot less visable??
  4. are there no other sites that sell it?? The only place that i can find is www.homepeels.com, but its kinda expensive compared to other places, £56 ($103). Then again, you get 2oz of it, so is this actually an okay price for it? are there definately no other sites that ship to the UK??
  5. Thanks Guys, but i tried to order it through that link, but for some reason i can't register with ebay (and believe me, i've tried!). Is there any other site where i can purchase either the 40% or 55% lactic acid where they ship to the UK, i'm really desperate to get this product, any help would be much appreciated. [-o<
  6. ok, so i can't even see the 40% lactic acid on puredeming, where about is it??
  7. Thanks, i think i'll try the 40% from puredeming then.
  8. Hey Everyone, I currently have a number of red marks pretty much all over my face and i'm wanting to use lactic acid. Would 55% be the best to use, as my skin is quite sensitive? I've read that lactic acid doesn't cause much irritation, etc., is this true as i have to go to school and stuff and don't want to be walking around with a bright red flaky face!! It seems that most people buy it from www.makeupartistschoice.com, but I live in the UK, so do they ship internationally, and how much is
  9. Has anyone got any suggestions about my problem at the end of page 16???
  10. Slight problem here...I want to order the mandelic serum from skincarerx.com, but it keeps on saying 'credit card declined' when i try. I've never ordered anything from an american site before (I live in the UK by the way), so i was wondering if anyone could help me out. It definately isn't a problem with the actual cards as i've never ever had a problem before. I've tried Visa and Switch and it's just rejected them each time. Maya, you've ordered from them before and you live in the UK, so what
  11. can someone post a link to the actual product on skincarerx.com please??...just to make sure i buy the right thing #-o
  12. what is the difference between the 'serum' and the 'acid'?...if there is one that is. Also, is it okay to use them if you have white skin...i was just noticing that there's lots of mention about dark skin, but not much about white. P.S. All i want to do is get rid of red marks, so is this actually the best way to get rid of them, or is there another type of acid that works better for this???...just makin sure
  13. does anyone else have any info????????
  14. What type/brand/strength of acid peel is the best for getting rid of red marks?? I don't want something that's really strong as my skin is pretty sensitive - all it has to do is get rid of red marks, and can you mention where i can get the peel from please. I live in the UK by the way.
  15. Can you use acid peels when you also have quite mild active acne as well?? What is the best type/brand/strength of peel???
  16. Can you use peels when there is some active acne on the face as well???
  17. Does it work if you just put aloe vera on the skin??
  18. Yeah, i know that after time they should fade, but how long should it take?? I've had mine for around a year now and although they are fading a bit, they're still pretty visable, especially when there's not much light. So how long is the *average* time???
  19. Okay, so far your sayin that acid peels are the best treatment to get rid of red marks, but is it alright to use them when you have some active acne on your face as well?? :-k What is the best type/brand to use, i live in the UK, so it has to be kind of easy to get hold of.
  20. Out of these methods which (in your experience) works the best?. If you select "Other" can you please post a message to say what it is.
  21. I'm already on it I've been on it for 17 days and i haven't really noticed any change in my skin (apart from the initial breakout and it being redder than usual sometimes) but i know you have to be a while on the course before you notice any change though, so here's hopin that in a few months these damn red marks will have faded a good bit!! Does any1 know of anything that i could be doing while i'm on accutane to help get rid of red marks :?: :?: someone recommended 2g of vit C and 30mg of z
  22. Thanks for that info, i know that the tape method would be far too harmful, so i'll try that vit C and zinc thing. Maya - what do you mean by "scarring from within" :?: :?:
  23. Hey, I'm on accutane right now (been on it for 2 and a 1/2 weeks) and i was wondering about red marks. My derm told me that after a while it would clear up spots, stop spots forming and clear up my red marks. But I've seen a few posts saying that it doesn't make much difference to red marks, is this true :?: :?: If accutane doesn't do much to red marks (It bloody better!! , or i'm goin to be real pissed off at my derm for saying that!) is there something else i could be doing to get rid of