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  1. for real?! ah! im gonna try it! thanks :)
  2. I'm good! Good to see you here, it's been awhile :P

  3. how're things kna?

  4. he he. so what have you been up to? back in school?? i am..UGH!!

  5. Owait. I haven't been on in awhile either, so it's all good.

  6. I knoww I'm sorry D:

  7. hey Cam!!! havent heard from yah in a while. i have not been on FO-EVA!! =/

  8. oh! okay...he might not work. lol

  9. dude looks like a lady

  10. ahh cool! what does he look like?

  11. well okay, we did have a male maid, you can have him

  12. haha! i dont think cam would like that. :D

  13. we can share cam if you want :|

  14. oh i dont think so. i dont even know what he looks like..

  15. we need to find you a man, i see you were talking to james earlier, how about him