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  1. Went on retin-A to try getting rid of shallow scars... It broke me out like crazy. Then got PDL to reduce the redness... this caused hypertrophic and hypopigmentation scarring on my face... luckily I stopped there.. but If I continued to go further. It could been Steroid injection for hypertrophic scar..... which might leave to a big indent/atrophic scar. then I would have to get some sort of filler (restelyne). See how everything has its potential side effects, an
  2. found this on another site. what is it?
  3. I have seen needling pictures.... Many of them on this very forum. It does not work much at all otherwise I would've tried it already. The purpose of this thread was not to discourage people or take away their hope... My point was, alot of people here have such nice skin that they don't NEED to do any sort of treatment. They are better off with slightly scarred skin than to risk any treatment.
  4. I'd just like to add.... The risks that come with treatment might be worth it for those with severe scarring, but for those with only mild to moderate scarring..... DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING. I can't believe how many people with good skin come here looking for advice because they want "perfect" skin. The risks are not worth it for you if your skin is just a bit damaged. I partially blame doctors for even giving treatments in the first place to people who don't need it. Of course they ju
  5. I have been reading these forums for about 4 years now. 4 years ago I had decent skin with shallow scarring. It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. You'd have to be up super close to my face to even notice the scars as they weren't noticeable from more than 5 feet away. I got greedy in search of perfect skin and decided to go with a laser treatment (which laser is irrelevant, as they are all dangerous) I really WISH someone had warned me about the side effects of all the treatments b
  6. @rockmeamadeus My skin is similar and I'm a guy. I can totally relate to what you say about our skin looking good in certain lighting/pictures, and then you see it in a different light and you are devastated. It sucks. No other way to put it. Just remember that other people aren't staring at you in the worst lighting possible and analysing all your scars like you are. After years of research.... I honestly wouldn't recommend any type of "treatment" for you. Lasers can have VERY bad si
  7. JOY, were your bumps HARD or SOFT before you had the treatments done? I can barely feel mine when i run a finger over them and they seem to be in clusters
  8. That sounds far too familiar to me. All the bumps are in places around the beard area where I plucked in grown hairs. How has your treatment been?
  9. I circled the area I am wondering about. I have something similar. A large bump... Except mine is NOT red at all. It is only a shade or two lighter than my normal skin. I assume its a bunch white heads but I'm not sure. Sometimes you can barely see it, but under certain lighting it is very obvious and protrudes. I have had it for a while and it wont go away. At first I thought it was a hypertrophic scar or epidermal cyst, but I'm not sure. There is no way to pop it and it really bulges out. I
  10. anyone know about the non-inflamed acne? are they epidermal cysts? i have the same thing
  11. ill never give up hope i can get my old skin back
  12. does it work at all? ive read a few places that it does. anyone try it?