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  1. I finished Accutane last September and the one major problem I have had ever since is nose bleeds. I would say I have had a nose bleed every other day since I stopped. I had them frequently whilst I was on it but thought they would stop when I finished the course. Has anyone else had this problem? It looks as though this is going to be permanent.
  2. Been a very long time since I have been on here, but I always remember that it was of a great help when I was going through my course. However, the reason I am back is because I hope some people can give me a little bit of advice. It has been a strange sort of journey since I stopped Roaccutane. The first couple of months or so afterwards were relatively fine. Just a couple of spots here and there, and this pattern has continued ever since, having a few small breakouts but nothing so serious as
  3. I have these two open wounds (admittedly this is my own fault through picking), on the left side of my face which are not healing anymore. They are not scabbing over like they did initially and they sort of look like grazes. Any way I can sort this out? I have some Erythromycin tablets left. Would these help? Or should I go to the doctor?
  4. Right, so I'm starting again from today. I'll round it up to midnight today. So I haven't picked for over 14 hours. I've gone for a day and a half at most so my first aim is 2 days!
  5. Well this hasn't gone so well. It's too hard! I'd be clear if it wern't for me picking. Must stop!
  6. I'm on Accutane and I'm having a real issue with picking. Obviously I know this is very bad but I can't help it! I'd go as far to say that if it wern't for me doing this, I'd probably be near enough entirely clear by now. I see a scabby spot on my face and I just want it gone because it is ridiculously noticible. Only problem is it just makes it so much worse! It's great whilst I'm doing it but I feel very dissapointed in myself afterwards. I've tried to stop it but the longest I've gone is l
  7. I'd be more concerned about doctors continually prescribing antibiotics to be honest. For me, they were absolutely useless. At least with Accutane it is likely to be just the one 4-6 month burst with what is usually dramatic results.
  8. I have been on Roaccutane since the start of March, and whilst my acne has improved, my face is still bad, and I'm continuing to break out. I only have about 5 weeks left and I'm completely panicking that this drug has failed on me. So can any one give me any positive feedback with regards to this situation? Was any one else in a similar situation after 5 and a half months? Did you experience a remission still etc etc? I am on a very low dose for my weight so do you think this has any thing to
  9. I think it depends entirely how bad your acne was to begin with. People who experience dramatic results within 3 months probably didn't have a bad a case as yours initially. Put it this way, I have been on accutane since the begginning of March (all be it on a low dose), and whilst it has improved quite a bit, I still continue to break out, and my face looks pretty bad at the minute. It was very bad to begin with though. I hope Accutane does the job for me eventually, although now I've said thi
  10. Were you guys happy with the results and that stage? Was it worth it for you?
  11. I've been on Roaccutane for nearly 4 months now and I'd have to say my acne is still pretty bad. Still VERY noticible on my face and body. Not sure whether to continue..thought it would have cleared up by now Is it worth carrying on? Any other users been a similar situation and still had a remission?
  12. Day 84 Well it's been a pretty strange ride since I last updated. I actually developed eczema on my lower arms which got really bad but had now subsided some what. Also had bouts of conjunctivitus. I'm definately seeing improvement body acne wise although it is a slooooow process. It's actually quite astonishing to see how much acne there was developing under the surface and which has now all just come up (looks horrid but I would rather it be coming out than lingering) Some days my face look
  13. I wasn't even aware you had to take it with fat? My derm never mentioned any thing about that.. It just says in the literature that comes with Roaccutane that you are supposed to take it on a full stomach. Which obviously is likely to be dinner time? I've just been taking it when I get up, so I don't forget later in the day.. Also, are you supposed to take all your pills at once?
  14. Day 54 Just plodding along at the moment. Haven't noticed much of a change really. Still breaking out in the most bizarre places. Lower arms?! Lips are going from quite tolerable one day to an absolute mess the next. I find this inconsistency quite strange. Pretty dissapointed so far. I hope things will start to pick up soon. Got a dermatologist appointment on Wednesday.
  15. I suppose it depends on the confidence of the Dermatologist. I had a blood test at 6 weeks, (been on it for just over 7 now), and will be getting reviewed next Wednesday. He didn't even tell me all of the side effects. All he mentioned was dryness and possible muscle ache. That's it. I was in and out of the derm office with a prescription in 10 minutes.