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  1. now seriously, had anybody here really success with skin needling? i have needled my ice picks for 7 months now (every 3-4 weeks), used good topics, took vitamins, etc etc. and i dont see any progress. not at all. every time i needle my skin the scars bleed, so i assume i should see at least something after it heals. but no. those little thingies are stubborn as hell and just stay as they are. (some got even wider). i dont use leds, but i dont assume that would make a big difference though. so
  2. tthe ones that i use look like this. but as yours said it is the thinnest i guess the needles i use are thicker. but i always try to prick the skin very carefully to get a plop sound. so as it seems that results after 6 months are not possible maybe i should continue needling for another year and if i dont have any results up to then maybe i should wait with a another treatment (maybe laser) until winter 2010/11. i just have the feeling that i am so close to get better results and i just would l
  3. hi! oh, no no! you did not offend me at all, dont worry! i think your pic made my scars even more visible, and i appreciate the effort you took to do that. it is just sad that the pic doesnt reveal the scarred pores they are really there, maybe not as visible as they really look like (maybe ore visible on the sunlight pic). so hm. i guess ineed to go for a dermaroller then....no clue how to get that here in germany...it would be great if the skin would react to it...and maybe also the pigme
  4. well i already described how i do it. fraxel WITH tca???? never heard of that and i guess that is a little too much....especially as i dont want to have my skin lasered again.
  5. too many for subscision.and i guess they are too small. i needle, but it doesnt want to help. scar tissue is reddish in some scars, just weird looking. dont know how describe it. different.
  6. hm. not sure about the tca. as tehy are so tiny i am scared to destroy healthy skin. i dont think it depents on the size of the scar. even though it is less than one mm, in my case it is still a scar. (i had laser surgery, and some of them got pretty tiny in diameter, but they are still deep). so, no, they are scars, i can also tell when i pull the skin, then i can see the scar tissue.
  7. that is different: some are up to 2 mm. some are maybe 1 mm, some are maybe even less. if you look at my pic (the one in the sunshine) you will see that i only have those in the middle of the forehead. next to it the skin is so much better (except the scars from the laser), on the pic it looks like this is a reflction from the sunlight, but that is how it actually looks. no scars there, no enlarged pores, i dont even see my pores. i think tc cross would be hard to handle because my scars are so
  8. what i like about diabetic lancets is that i can determine how deep i needle my skin, and i always needle just my scars. maybe i should try this dermaroller, but i have the same problem like with the copper cream, i am currently in germany and havent seen those anywhere..
  9. omg!! this pic in black and white looks horrible but you can acutally also see those scars that the laser gave me. basically everything that is bigger than a pore and a scar was done by the laser, especially where it burned away the pigmentation. so but the main problem is in the middle of the forehead. where are those pores turned into scars. oh i hate this pic:(
  10. i started needling in february. i needle once a month. if i needle after 3 weeks, i dont get the plop sound when i break the tissue, so i really need to wait. i always needle my scars untill they bleed. the weird thing is that on day three after needling you nearly cant see anymore that i have needled my scars. i have little red dots on day 1 and 2. but they are nearly gone on day 3. some of my scars got actually wider, and some appeared out of the blue, like they were hidden under the survace
  11. yes, my skin looks sunburnt. the problem is i never go out into the sun. never. i wear SPF 45 every day. that was done by the laser. i have another pic. i hope this makes my scars more visible. in the middle of the forehead, that part that looks like a bunch of enlarged pores. those are scars. as i said, they are tiny, but they are still deep. i mean they got flatter after the co2, but they are still there. you cant sdee the loss of pigmentation here on the pic because of the sunlight. regardi
  12. no. believe me, there is a lot going on there. i think the pic is just blurry so you might not see the scars the way they really look. they are still deep, i have pretty oily skin, and then the pigmentation. it sucks. i try to get an underthebathrooomlight pic tomorrow, so maybe that shows it better. i had a series of tca peels, didnt help. i am needing now and use salicylic acid. but it doesnt seem to help either and i did it for half a year.
  13. yes i do. i was actually shocked when i saw my forehead on the pic. i think if somebody needs a good example for an anti laser article, that would be me:( anyway. damage is done and i cant change it. so as you can see, i have no pigmentatiion at the hairline anymore. thank god it is still there where the scars are in the middle of the forehead, even though it still looks weird. in addition to the ice picks, the laser burned some furhter scars in my skin, which can be only seen under the bathro
  14. hm. but do non ablative lasers actually work?? i just dont want to spend any more money on this....and lasers are so expensive....but i think one more treatment would actually help....erks.... i do not know waht to do:(
  15. ok here is the thing: i have tons of ice pick scars on my forehead. bascially every pore turned into a scar. i had a co2 laser treatment 10 years ago which destroyed most of my pigmentation near the hairline. so partly my skin is whitewhite, and the scars are still there. but....i still have pigmentation where the scars are. ok now. i have needled my skin, didnt help, used peelings, didnt help. but i want to get another treatment in fall. i just dont know which one.....i dont trust lasers any