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  1. at one full week I'll be adding a close up image bank so you can compare the differences to the first set
  2. Hey guys ! Ive suffered with acne since 09 and I have recently had a lash back - I was on different spot tabs and creams last time - I wanted to take the more tame approach this time as the tablets made me feel sick and the stuff from the docs tended to dry my skin out too much Anywho - Im going to be doing a huge photo/video blog so if your interested take a look and follow me along I want to show you all that you dont have to be on the super strong meds and creams tht damage you in the lon
  3. Okay guys, so I put some better pics up of my acne, the other pics I put on were mainly blurred redness but Ive been using my better camera for pics There are a few pics that ive been taking since day 1 on freederm - already seeing the difference !! During these few days I had a right nasty cyst underneath my eye these things normally take up to 3 weeks to go away - but the freederm brought it right out super quick , I'm now treating with sudocrem as I find it helps spots heal 10x faster as w
  4. Hey guyssss, so this is me day 1 ( this is one of my better days to be starting on ) Ive got a few new ones but they are diddy but i have lots of scarring and redness because Im so pale , darnit ! ANywho, first day with Freederm gel, I use dermatolica face wash for dry skin as it counteracts any big bad dryness from the cream but it cleans the skin super lovely Ahh well how frustrating its back again, on my back too but no where near as bad, all I can do is soldier on and hope i find someth
  5. Hey Guys ! So here I am back again, check my old blog if you want to know who I am !! Recently undergone a lot of hormonal changes ( Pill and then the implant ) so my body is on the scitz with hormones but its triggered my acne again, WAHH cries - I mean it never totally went away, but now Im getting 2-3 new spots a day, granted not too big, but none the less, white heads that are goddamn painful ! Anywho Im taking a slightly diff. approach this time, I dont want to take tabs again as they m
  6. Know the feeling How long have you been on the creams ?x
  7. I use Duac It seems to put my skin through a cycle of clear , super dry then spotty then clear i try and give my skin a break when its super dry maybe you should too , and as you see the skin re-moisturising ( naturaly ) you should start using duac again. Try not to be too harsh on your skin aswell it wil probs. make it worse try let it get back to its natural PH also - founation may not be helping ? What foundation do you use liquid ,,mousse ? Mousse is normally not that good for dry skin
  8. I though as much Uhm to reply way up there about my dryness its like eczema , all cracked - but the oil comes through that skin to the last comment thankyou I think I have resolved it now i give my skin a break when i know its getting bad seems to be working (Y) I suppose everyones skin is different with different sensitivities etc, chrs all !
  9. ignorance is not bliss my love !

    1. What a load of old fart IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE !!! Some people are actually illergic to skin product - illergic to foods they are eating and thus they come out in spots ! I can almost guarantee the person who wrote this post DOES NOT EVEN HAVE ACNE and DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the psychological effects of it - THAT IS WHY PEOPLE SPEND MONEY ON THE TREATMENTS to get rid of it ! everyones skin is different so you cannot say you have the cure everyones cure is different ! idiot grrr
    2. So I am using something called duac , which is BP + clindamycin together Lately it seems to be making my skin really dry but oil still comes through - i know that sounds wierd ... but its like my skin is trying to re-hydrate by beoming oily , but my skin is stil dry :/ nightmare ! help ?
    3. I use something called Duac which is a mix of BP & clindamycin - it works wanders straight away ! The clindamycin is an anti-bac. so it kills all spot causing bacteria - it should work for you x Check out the blog if you want to see how quick it worked and pics x
    4. Oh i saw this on that embarrising bodies TV show Apparently its very very common so dont worry You can get treatment for it try looking it up on the embarrising bodies website i thing there was some strange cream for it x and ingrown hairs - massage and warm flannel to affected area - if you can see the hairsurfacing pluck it ( if you can - dont force it ) and the redness etc will go down v.quick
    5. I get very mild chest acne and my cream seems to clear it up try a topical on the spots If it doesnt work i may feel inclined to possibly say that it may be realted to hairs on your chest ? foscillitus ( i think thats how u spell it ) go see your doc/derm
    6. No way is that eczema - I have eczema and that is not eczema looks more like an illergic reaction - i get that alot on my left hand ( god knows why ) It gets raised and really itchy and sometimes it weeps its horrid you might need to go and get a steroid cream to calm it down get an acne friendly one though , and if they tell you that is eczema - that is some nasty ass eczema - and count yourself lucky - people normally get eczema everywhere !!