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  1. Hello everybody, I have just been through a rough period where i have been eating anything at anytime. Result: My acne became really severe and inflamed. In the weekend I decided to eat more healthy and acne friendly (no dairy, low gl). Result: In just a couple of days active acne has dried up and hardly any new pimples and cysts are formed. It does not have to take a long time for things to clear up. So satisfying to see my efforts are worthwhile. It can be really simple. Nice to remembe
  2. Thanks Alternativista, I"ll see if safflower oil will make a difference on my skin. Would that be possible to use on my face as well? Do any of you have experiences with that? I have tried aloe vera several times, even bought a plant, but for some reason it does not do a thing for me. And I sooooo much would like it to work, but it just doesn't. Could I put the B3 vitamin and glucosamine in the oil or is that a bad combination? During the past 5 years (I am 36 now) I have noticed that my
  3. Thanks - I"ll give it a try and see if it works for me.
  4. Helle everybody, My back and neck is covered with red marks and hyperpigmentation all over and it takes forever for it to heal. We are talking months and probably years also. My face is not so bad, maybe because i use moisturizers there but i find it is too expensive too use on my back/neck + I easily break out from topicals, even if it is ok on my face. So my question is: Do you know of any holistic methods that i can use that will heal old red marks on my bach, neck and chest and not cause
  5. Flax seed broke me out like crazy in terrible cysts. The first two weeks or so my skin became all soft and pretty but after that it was really bad. It's the same with fish oil and krill oil btw. Watch out but maybe it works for you.
  6. AmberSue, So how did it go with your experiment? Can you see a difference without dairy?
  7. Ohh...and please have a look here: http://www.topix.com/forum/health/birth-co...S989ALHEM1SNC7O One report that copper toxity gives slow wound healing which may explain my long lansting acne scars and mosqito bite scars!
  8. Hi everybody, I have been reading your posts with great interest. I'm curiuos if any of you who had the IUD removed experienced a decrease in acne? I've had the IUD for 1.5 year. I thought it was the best BC option but lately I've had this strange impulse telling me to get it out of my body. It makes sense that a copper device in the body causes some kind of reaction. Hi everybody, I have been reading your posts with great interest. I'm curiuos if any of you who had the IUD removed experienc
  9. Congratulations on your dietary changes. Yes I think it is your body adjusting to the new diet. Many people experience it takes a while. I switched to Paleo 2 months ago. It took me a little more than 1 months to feel normal/better again. Now I feel more energized than before Paleo. So just hang in there. Things do get better.
  10. Hi all primals/paleos, Do any of you eat butter and what are your experiences. If had some pretty good results with eating primal but lately new acne is forming on my back. Haven't cheated on anything. One thing that has changed is increased use of butter and I wonder if that can be the problem. Any similar experiences? It is dairy after all, so that may be the explanation. EDIT: I don't believe it is the butter causing me trouble. Have continued eating butter this week without acne. I suspec
  11. Good question - I am curious to know the answer as well. How's cod liver oil vs. fish oil for acne. Any experiences?
  12. Congratulations!! That's wonderful news. How great that you take your time to write down your experineces - it inspirational and motivational for many here! I'm pretty impressed that you kept your faith during the two months of rashes and break outs. Btw - what is MSM?
  13. Alternativista, what a great resource! Thanks for sharing. You should write an anti-acne/health book!
  14. No I guess you are right! Just checked the reviews on flax seed oil and many people seem to experience a flare up in cystic acne when eating the oil. It isn't much paleo-like either. What crazy caveman would have taken the time to collect thousands of flax seeds and then mash them and eat them all - it even tastes strange! I should have been able to tell by this simple logic!