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  1. Greeneyesgirl- Im glad you havent had any negative effects!! Hopefully he will up your dosage and you can get off the birth control pill! Good luck tomorrow!! The comfycat- Thanks. Im glad I found someone who listens to me!!! Hopefully my acne will clear soon!!=)
  2. GREENEYES GIRL! how is the spiro working for you??
  3. Went to see a new derm she was so awesome and helpful!!! She actually listened to me and was the first derm who actally looked at my skin!! She prescribed 75mg of spironolactone and Im going to keep taking minocycline and retina-A too! She also told me to buy a face wash with benzoyl peroxide she recommended panoxyl! She was caring and knew what she was taking about Im glad I called around and asked if they incorpated spiro into there treatment. This office was so nice and Im glad i found a grea
  4. I'm also 22 and Still breaking out and nothin has seemed to worked for me either! Tried everything proactiv , murad, clean and clear kit, antibotics, retina -a , peels, mircoderm, healthy diet, lots of water and pretty much everything at the drug store for acne. I've been breaking out since 11! One thing Ive been wanting to try is spironolactone medication. Look it up on here there is alot of reviews on it. Its good for women with hormonal acne. I have an appt with a derm on wednesday and hoping
  5. So Im not giving up on getting prescribed spironolactone! I called around to derm offices and asked them if they incorporate spiro in there treatment for acne and alot said yes, I was surprised after my medical doctor said it wasnt used for acne. Of course the derm offices said that I would have to talk to the derm first and they would give me whatever they felt would work best for me . I'm just glad its an option in there office since nothin else has worked for me! Still breaking out and have
  6. Thanks greeneyesgirl!! I'm glad you were able to get on spiro and totally awesome that is was so cheap:). I spend $50 for my antibotics for a month supply only!! Im was so pissed!! So my doctor told me that spiro is only used for excess facial hair and when i said that alot of women use it for hormonal acne he just blew me off and ignored me. I told him I didnt want any antibotics or creams because they dont work. He looked at me and told me he was confused. He made me feel stupid. I had to set
  7. Thanks Neek. I also got online and looked up the side effects and I totally agree that there awful and I just dont like antibotics at all. I will defintely find a new doctor for my skin and make sure they hear me out. The only thing my doc said about spiro was that it used for people with excess facial hair and thats it. He mad me feel stupid and ignored. I need someone who will listen to my needs. The thing I hate most is spending all this money and not feeling like i got what i needed. I paid
  8. Find a new doctor. I have seen posts where people say that's nature's cure helped them. I have no idea of the reliability. They can't hurt I suppose so yes you should try them. I mean, what have you got to lose. The problem with antibiotics is that they mess with your intestinal tract. My daughter is living proof. Yeah, get a new doc. I have advised other posters to call derm offices and ask to speak to a nurse to ask if they incorporate spiro into their treatment. Thanks Boston 5
  9. So I went to the doctor hoping he would prescibe me spironolactone but hey didnt. Instead he gave minocin which is a antibotic and retina-A. I felt like he didn't care and had no options for me besides antibotics or acctuane but he said seen I dont have thosands of dollars to get it i should try the pills and cream. I hate acne. I feel like its never going to go away and these damn doctors dont give a crap. Any suggestions on what I should do? Anyone try the natures cure pill from the store m
  10. Awesome!! Ya a little bit of spiro is better then nothin!! I'm planning to just go to my family doc. I've seen him since i was a little girl so hopefully he prescibes it to me since he knows my horrible history with bad skin. I'm going to go next week! Im excited. Please keep me updated with how the spiro and yasmin are working for you! Good luck hun!!
  11. Hello! I get cystic acne around my jaw line and cheeks its awful and very oily skin. Hopefully it does wonders on your skin =) How much was your precription? And did u have insurance to help or not? Thanks a bunch!!! Not to answer her question and invade once again, but I've called a few places around my town for Spiro and at the most I think it was $22. I also was told $11 and that's w.out insurance! Wow awesome!! Cheap I'm glad to hear thanks for answering my question. I hope we ca
  12. Hello! I get cystic acne around my jaw line and cheeks its awful and very oily skin. Hopefully it does wonders on your skin =) How much was your precription? And did u have insurance to help or not? Thanks a bunch!!!
  13. Yay!!! I really wanna try this medication! I was going to school to be a medical assitant in 2007 and I have the nursing drug handbook of 2007 I dropped out but still have the book. I looked for spiro and its actually says(off label) treatment for female acne but hey its still in the book!! I cant wait to get paid to go see my doctor hopefully he will prescribe me this Im excited=)
  14. Wow it seems like you have gone through so much. I defintely feel for you! My acne is also horrible I've been doing alot of research on this medication called spironolactone. I guess it helps with hormonal acne. I havent tired it so I cant say it works but Im waitng to get paid from work to go to my doctor and see if i can get it this medication. It helps decrease oil production! I would look on the reviews. There are good and bad but read for yourself! There are alot of reviews on this site or
  15. OMG! I am in the same EXACT boat as you!!! I have to go off of Yasmin, because the abdominal pain is killing me. I can't take it anymore! I have a docs appointment next Tuesday and I'm demanding she put me on Spiro! I am SO happy to hear it's not expensive, I don't have health insurance either. Anyway, I've tried EVERYTHING just like you, almost everything in your list except retin-A cause I can't afford it. But yeah, Spiro is like my last resort and I've heard such good things about it. I c