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  1. Aretinuser

    me = )

    Me in general acne and all soem are with me cleared up
  2. Well ive been doing retina micro for three months now big difference but not quite their.... i have inflammatory acne and along with occasional custsand bcane. i have a derm appointment tomorrow and i suppose to start accutane tomorrow so im nervous and wanting to know if there gonna be a problem considering my face is 3 layers thin oppose to 7 or 8 due to retin a is that better prep for accutane or not? Quick replys quick quick
  3. just wondering cuz the red marks last forever without any help
  4. ah cool Mississippi :) haha nah I'm terrible with states' geography... lol

  5. mississippi actually haha wow i dont kow my states lol

  6. florida huh? lol i libe a state over lol

  7. actually i agree lol ive had my skin for as long as i can remember lol
  8. aww thanks. so are you ;D

  9. btw there its predisone not the illegal steriods XD just had to clarify
  10. okay well i got sick last october with a immune disorder and been in and out of the hospital and trying to recover in that period of 7 months my skin was clear and at the same time i was abstient and the i got better and gotten back into the dating ritual and ive realized after sex my face breaks out pretty bad but im also on steriods which make horny as heck. so advice please do i tell my doctor sex breaks me out do i deal with do i tell my girlfriend skin is first sorr yidk... i am currentl