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  1. Sima


  2. Shawdy can I get yo Facebook hookup?

    1. NessaVenasaur


      hey hey, how's it going? I deactivate it a lot, saw your invite, I'll accept when I'm on again! Just wanted to let you know. Hope all is well :)

    2. Sima


      Hey girl, everything is good :) yeah! You better! >:( haha. Thanks for the update. Hope things are good with you too :) <3

  3. Marisa, Amiga! How are you? Everything is great! Staying super busy!!

  4. I'm not exactly sure how tea tree oil would help with the exfoliation of the built up layers of dead skin. I recommend gently exfoliating with sugar or a washcloth in circular motions. I don't wash my face either, but I do a sugar scrub once a week.
  5. The lemon probably won't be as fresh. I recommend taking a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (floating particles and sediment that settle at the bottom) with cotton balls instead. You'll still get the benefits of an Alpha Hydroxy Acid but with less of a hassle. I took ACV with me when I went camping last year to clean my face in the morning and in the evening to get all the dirt, debris, and oil off my face. I also like using Yes to Blueberries Moist Towelettes. They contain apple an
  6. They are just really clogged pores with a bunch of sebum, dirt, and oil trapped underneath. I get some of these but they are much smaller. I would recommend getting them professionally extracted since you can self inflict red marks and scars if you attempt it yourself. I would recommend alpha hydroxy acids such as retin-a and lemon juice to encourage constant cell turnover as well and to keep your pores from being overly congested like that.
  7. <3 <3

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    2. Sima


      Always and forever.

    3. NessaVenasaur


      :D hope all is well
    4. Sima


      It is, thank you ^.^ doing the same thing erryday! Class then home then sleep and repeat it all over again. Can't complain though ;) how are you?!

  8. Hi gorgeous! Hope all is well :D

  9. Back to the daily grind of school! See you all in a few months.

  10. Wait, based on the 'fact' you mentioned in the first post, it is better to pop your pimples than to treat them with a spot treatment and allow for them to go away with your body's natural healing process? I'm not saying that's true of every pimple. Some really do need to be popped, but I wouldn't rule out waiting on them to heal as an option. The only dilemma is that not popping requires an immense amount of will power which most people do not have.
  11. Sima

    Perfect. I always come back to this. Removes eye makeup easily without losing eyelashes in the process. Doesn't sting eyes. Gentle. Thick and moisturizing. The ONLY thing that worked for me on Accutane. Sometimes use this as a cleanser, too! Does not break me out. A year later, I still have just a little less than half of it left. Absolutely nothing. This is perfect. The only thing that saved my chapped, split skin during Accutane was this. It is healing, soothing, and so wonderful. It is a real