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  1. Olay - Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 - Sensitive Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula, Combination Skin These 2 are the best ive come across. I wish dans wasnt yellow it doesnt make sense to me. I have facial hair and like a bit of stubble and dans just doesnt absorb properly, It looks like im wearing fake tan. Since i only break around the mouth area i dont treat all of my face on the regimen anymore so basically half my face is yellow from it. I wish it wa
  2. ive suffered from this acne around my lips and mouth for 10 years never found a solution, spent thousands on different things, been on the acne.org regimen for 5 years took every antibiotic available. I get them right on the edge of the lip so they are impossible to treat, i have like 6 now they start off as a red mark get a little sore then form a whitehead and then im left with a red mark for months my mouth looks like a mess. I.dont use chapstick, i tried flouride free toothpaste, i tried ev
  3. bumping this topic up as i still suffer from this, Need suggestions on how to treat them or prevent them.
  4. Nope it's not the toothpaste I've tried that. I generally would break out around my lips but around mouth aswell. But I can treat around my mouth and chin but I can't put bp on my edge of lips or lip line so I need some advice on how to prevent them. Any product I could use?
  5. Right guys ive given up the regimen about 6 months ago i was on it for 4 years. It kept me clearish and im still clearish except for the one area that has troubled me for years around the lips and even the lipline. The cold weather is not helping i get acne little painful ones around my lips that start out as a red mark and then form a whitehead its disgusting, I get alot of them often. Ive been to the doctor ive taken antiobiotics all the different types for years now, Ive got antifungal medica
  6. Hi i bought cerave and im wondering if many have used it with the regimen. A few on here have said it clashes with glycerin which is in cerave and can burn your skin. Should i use it?
  7. Cant use acne.org one anymore. Should i use CeraVe? if so which one as there are a few or Olay? I used Cetaphil its too greasy.
  8. Should i use it? Does it work well with the regimen? Which type should i buy thanks?
  9. Thanks but i dont think water can act as a moisturizer when using alot of bp. If anyone else has any moisturizers i can use let me know thanks
  10. Im pretty sick of acne.org moisturizer being using it a year now. it takes ages to absorb and rub in, it leaves your looking yellow and sick looking like you have jaundice. It doesnt break you out but it doesnt fully moisturize either. It makes my skin look so imbalanced and dry. Main problem for me is the yellowness. Its not a good look. Ive tried cetaphil (too greasy looking) and simple kind to skin broke me out around the mouth but both of them were great at moisturizing. They left no dead dr
  11. Its the stupid yellow moisturizer that makes you tanned its makes me look like i have a liver disease or jaundice, switch to cetaphil.
  12. I would say its the yellow moisturizer, i had to stop using it because it makes you look really yellow and your neck white, not a good look. Im using cetaphil for a day or 2 now and before that i used simple kind to skin.
  13. The products are fine they are not harsh just dont use as much BP just use a pump and youll be fine and it should keep it at bay.
  14. Just apply it gently for 5 minutes, 2 minutes is not enough trust me, i can do none of the steps in 2 minutes like dan says, i be just left with loads of stuff on my face and the moisturizer does not absorb properly and you are left with yellow bits on your face. Stupid moisturizer im sick of it but im afraid to change. It takes me an hour altogether to do everything properly.
  15. Thanks for the tips but i used it after the bp, only used a third of a finger and then i moisturized. It went fine. A bit stingy and red for a few minutes.