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  1. Hi, The doctor decided I do have PCOS...which would also explain my other symptoms and why I am so exhausted all the time. I'm a bit upset that it took this long to get the diagnosis since it's a very common problem (up to 15% of women have it...and I saw one study that said 80% of women referred to a dermatologist have it). I started taking spironolactone which has definitely helped. It's the week before my period so I have had few new zits pop up, but nothing too major. I started it a littl
  2. Okay, I had my appointment and the doctor was mildly dismissive as usual, but what he told me was basically the conclusions I came to after a lot of research so I'm not upset yet. Although I do intend to get a second opinion just as a matter of course no matter what he determines. The doctor didn't think I have PCOS, but said I do need to be tested to see if there is something going on with my adrenal gland. He says it's probably not anything serious, and is leaning toward treating me with spi
  3. Thanks for all the info! Yeah I've read a bit about PCOS with bleeding but no ovulation. I'm planning to ask the doctor if he thinks I'm ovulating, or if he can do more tests to find out for sure. Of the results that have come back so far only my DHEA-S was out of the normal range. My testosterone was right in the middle of the normal range which seems odd to me since DHEA-S is precursor hormone that turns into estrogen and testosterone. My DHEA-S was double the max value it should be at. This c
  4. As an update: I got so fed up this morning that I called around and found a cancellation and met with a women's health certified nurse who set me up with the tests which I am going to take tomorrow morning (it requires a 12 hour fast). She said that she thinks I have Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I'm not entirely sure this is what I've got because I am quite thin and have regular periods and obesity and irregular periods are big symptoms. However, maybe that is what I've got, and at least
  5. Thanks theComfyCat, I hadn't seen that post! I'm sorry your doctors aren't being helpful, I've had the same experience, that is so frustrating I have done a little more research and think that both my testosterone and estrogen levels might be too high. I have the following symptoms: - Low blood pressure (hormonal issue?) - Depressed mood (also weepy and mood swings) - Irritable - Excessive Sweating (palms, feet, underarms) - Foggy feeling - Skin is best right after period and worst right be
  6. Thanks for all the responses! I haven't been tested yet, I have an OBGYN appointment on the 25th to ask about it. The reason I'm concerned that the OBGYN won't be helpful is because I've been to two derms and a doctor who seem uninterested in my theory that hormones are the problem despite the fact that my acne is almost all on my chin, that I recently went off the pill because after a year it had never synced up with my cycle and was making my acne wore, and despite the fact that in my opinion
  7. Hi, I have an appointment in two weeks to see an OBGYN and I am planning to ask for a hormone test since I am sure this is the root of my acne problems. I am wondering from those who have had hormone tests: (1) Were you able to get your doctor to agree to give you one, or how do you go about getting it? (2) What did the tests show? (3) What did you do in response to what the test showed? (4) Did that response work to help clear your acne? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing this! I highly suspect I have a hormone imbalance but none of my doctors seem interested in addressing that with me. I have an appointment with an OBGYN to ask her for a blood test in hopes that I can get it for cheaper by using my insurance. If she's an uncooperative as my primary care doctor and my dermatologist I'll probably end up buying one online. What specific tests did you get from LEF? Can anyone else recommend a hormone test to buy online?
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I wasn't outside anymore when I was in England than when I am in the U.S., because I was there studying, so I don't think that could be it. I thought it might be diet, but the only two substantial changes I could come up with were: (1) Milk- I drank less of it. I thought for sure this was it when I made this realization, so I stopped drinking milk. This did help some but it didn't get it to the point it was when I was in England. There is a chance this is because I
  10. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience this, or has any insight on this. I have always struggled with acne, but when I was in England for four months my skin was perfectly clear. It cleared up completely after being there for about 2 weeks, and was just as bad as before after I was back in the U.S. for 2 weeks. I brought all my products with me when I was there, so I can't imagine what the difference was. I can't think of any major dietary changes I made, I've wondered if it was
  11. Hi, a friend just told me her breakouts stopped using the regenerist night serum. I bought some and looked at the ingredients and wasn't surprised at all that it helped so much with breakouts. It has Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Green, Tea, and Vitamin E all of which people on these boards talk about being great for acne. I hope it works for me too!
  12. Wow, hearing all these stories really helps. This is exactly what has happened to me. I've had bad acne since I was 13, but it had really cleared up by the time I graduated from college at which point I went on birth control thinking it could help with that last little bit. I went on Ortho first but it made my legs tingle so my doctor put me on a generic form of Alesse called Avian. I was on it for over a year and it NEVER synced up with my period; I got my period regularly, but not when I was t
  13. I took one 500mg pill yesterday and my skin does seem better today (although it's to early to tell if that is from the niacin). This morning though I read that it can lower blood pressure which I am concerned about. My blood pressure is usually around 120/50. Do you think this is safe for me to take? I would ask one of my doctors, but neither my derm or my regular doctor are very supportive of anything "alternative" despite the fact that nothing they have given me works and some of it only m
  14. I've never tried an Enlux bulb, but I did buy a combination red/light LED bulb (415nm, 660nm) from Amazon that was only $38 because I couldn't afford one of the more expensive bulbs and it really worked for me! I was about to go on Accutane, but now I'm not going to. If you're interested the bulb I bought was
  15. Hi, I've been lurking around these boards for awhile, but thought I would finally sign up and post because I actually found something that worked for me. I wanted to try the blue light thing because I'd heard a few people on here talking about how it worked for them, but I'm a law student and didn't have a lot of money to spend on it so I tried out a $38 led lightbulb that I bought on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0028P48BM/ref=ox_ya_oh_product) and it completely worked for me! I'v