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    Skin care....make-up....books....researching for "work" which interestingly means being on acne.org
  1. Good to see you here. I guess like you I've been obsessed with fixing my face. There are times when I think it's finally gone, but then it comes right back. I do what I can and I hope I talk to you some more.

  2. It kinda sounds like your moisturizer is kinda balling up and rolling off your skin. If that is what is going on it often happens because your skin just can't absorb anything more. When that happens it just kinda starts to reject stuff. For me I try using less of my treatment product and waiting until my skin doesn't have any moistness to it from the previous product before I move on to my next step. It is a process but seems to help. I find myself doing other things in the middle of my routine
  3. UGH!! Happens to me too...you are not alone...I have no idea why either
  4. Since 70% is a pretty deep peel it is definatly normal for you to crust over...DONT PICK!!!! Chemical burns are controlled burns of the skin so your skin will go through the same stages of healing as with a burn. Your crust may be a brown color too which is also completely normal. After about 4 or 5 days your skin will start to peel in a snake like fashion, likely around the nose and mouth at first. Your new skin will be sensitive and pink because it is a bit new and raw. The best thing I have d
  5. I think I may have responded to another one of your posts but just wanted to add cuz I was reading this one too ) new to the boards but I am a licensed esthetician with an extra license in chemical peels so I am very familiar with the solutions and how they should be applied etc. so if you have some other questions feel free to ask. i am really passionate about trying to help people with their scarring, I used to have some pretty nasty one's myself (ugh and no wI am breaking out again dang it...
  6. The salicylic won't cancel out your vit C... Though you may wanna give it a few days after you do a peel before you put too much stuff on your skin just because the chemicals are still working for about 72 hours. It definately depends on the strength of salicylic you are using. Since salicylic is intended to help absorb oil it is fantastic to do some peels to treat acne! If you ever decide you want to do stronger peels to help with scarring you can try something called Jessner's solution. It is
  7. So i am currently in the same situation, though a few things seem to help for me. My acne was so bad that I went to school for skin care just to try to figure out how to "cure" my own skin. Was clear for a while but it is back with a vengeance!! For supplements Murad actually has one called Pure Skin, it's all the vitamins and such that are supposed to help with acne in 1 place, which is handy. I have been using them about a month and they seem to be helping quite a bit. My skin care is almost e