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  1. You may want to be careful mixing the two, over treatment could make your skin worse. Start off slow would be my recommendation. Yeah, I couldn't find a normal, huge bottle of Cetaphil facial cleanser so I just bought what I thought was good and on sale...
  2. Today I went to my local SDM and bought Neutrogena Oil-Free Oil-Free Acne Stress Control, 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (http://international.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=163358&catid=21234&aid=333181&aparam=sespider) as my facial cleanser. Then I also got some PanOxyl 5% Acne Aquagel. I hope Salicylic Acid and benzoyl peroxide mix!
  3. I find that even with the 5-blade, I STILL need to go over the same area twice to get a better shave. It really doesn't matter anymore. Whenever I try to get a close shave, I have the tendency to reopen scars which opens the door for acne.
  4. Currently, this is my routine: Morning 1. Wake up with oily face 2. Sprinkle face with water, cleanse using Neutrogena Clear Bar (face gets very dry) 3. Use Keri hand lotion on face before leaving Night 1. As soon as I get home, sprinkle face with water, cleanse using Neutrogena Clear Bar (face gets very dry) 2. Or if I arrive home very late and a shower is the only thing separating me from sleep, I wash my face in the shower using whatever body wash I have or bar soap w/ Aloe (I DON'T use Ker
  5. Rubbing alcohol is used to clean bacteria. I have a lot of bumps around my nose/mouth so I can never get a good, clean shave. I often have to redo the same areas twice. I think I end up shaving skin off or exposing my pores to dirt/bacteria because of that. I've tried cheap $1 Gilette razors and their 5-blade fusion, all the same result...
  6. I find that I'm constantly growing pimples/zits from all the red marks I get after shaving. I use the traditional method of shaving which is razor and cream and I try to do it properly as much as possible (right after shower, hot water, massage with shaving cream, clean blade with rubbing alcohol, go over areas once or twice, aftershave balm, etc.) but I still get a bad shave and worse of all I end up growing pimples or zits! Can anyone help me with this problem? wwwDOTimg505.imageshack.us/i