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  1. Thanks for all the responses guys, Tony gtfo with your negative attitude plz and ty! Im gonna look into jergens but will BP not let it work? Also I think minocycline is the same as minocin (not sure though). Thanks for your reply and I will look into the body/face shower thing. Let me know if ur lucky enough to get on Accutane. My mom has severe depression so Im not allowed to take it because it may catch on. Keep the responses coming
  2. Thanks guys for all the responses! So you recommend a self tanner? What's a good one that I can buy at a store, keep the replies coming, I think tanning is a good idea but I guess it doesnt work well with these meds.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, the imflammation isnt my main concern because my derm says the meds are doing great for that. I will look into that moisturizer, thanks for caring
  4. Ok so I am on my... 4th month of Minocin 100MG which was prescribed by my derm. Now "apparently" it has improved my imflamation a lot, but I just don't see it. Even if this is the case I finally realised that my face isnt covered in acne its covered by flat red (marks?). I still have a few active pimples on my cheeks, my neck has some acne, and i have pretty severe bacne. Nothing bothers me more than my face which seems to be covered in red marks. NOW if this is the case, I have had red marks fo
  5. DUDE what the hell, your situation is pretty much identical to mine! Im on the 2nd month of minocycline and my face sounds EXACTLY the same, no acne on my forehead under my hair but all over my cheeks. We need to exchange pictures cuz I felt like I was looking into a mirror reading your post.
  6. thanks for all the replies guys! I will try to post pics of what my acne looks like, I would appreciate everyone who commented to recomment after seeing the pics. Thanks again, keep the comments/advice coming
  7. That doesn't help at all. I'm not depressed to the point where I wanna kill myself or anything but this damn acne won't go anywhere and it's bad.
  8. Ok so nothing worked on my acne. I've tried everything and I was set on getting accutane but my derm won't let me take it because my mom suffers from depression. I honestly almost started crying in the office, I was heart broken, I just got told my acne isn't going anywhere. She says I should try Minocyclin again which won't do shit! Guys money is not an issue, what is out there that will work for my acne, I'm even talking surgery or something here. Accutane won't depress me, my F***ING acne wil
  9. Ya I'm pretty sure the tanning is working, my back acne is clearing up pretty nicely and my face acne has gone flat for the most part. I still have some red acne bumps but not like b4. The reason I tan isn't for the color it is because the UVA rays dry my acne out which i think it is doing. the color is a bonus i guess. and you can't tan while on tane because you will burn very easily.
  10. Thanks all! =D, and not sure if you can read or not but I said I got to the point where I can't go out of the house without it. It's bad I know but that's also a 'fact'. Anyways I will probably go on tane but I want you guys to see my face because apparently I might have more marks than acne? I'm confused at this point, I'll keep you guys posted. The spray setting sounds interesting and I will definately look into it. Keep the replies coming guys =D.
  11. what can i do about these? Ppl say they go away overtime but is there anything to hide or get ride of them? If you are right I am very excited because a lot of my acne is flat now!
  12. What is this flat acne I have? Does this mean once I stop tanning it will go back to how it used to be or does this mean it is healing and these are "red marks" left over? Not all of them are flat but a lot have gone flat but still have the same bad redness. I have milk of magnesia but it always leaves white marks when it dries which i know u can just wash away but i really dont think it does me any good.
  13. Thank you everyone! , I can't stop using makeup because I'm at the point where I won't go outside for 5 minutes without it on, I'm that unsecure and have very low self esteem at this point. I don't use a concealer at all which I think may be a problem, because my acne still really shows through the makeup. My dad bought me a monthly tanning package so I have to finish with it because it is expensive. The thing about tanning is I noticed my back acne is getting better and my face acne (for the mo
  14. Hey I'm glad to hear it. I'm 16 years old and I wear makeup, did I mention I'm a guy? It's the most degrading feeling ever because I think people know =(. Anyways, I am thinking about going on Accutane because I NEED this acne gone. Problem is I'm going to tanning beds (to help acne and not be a pale ghost) and I know on accutane I can't do this. Which is dissapointing. I can't decide if I want to go on Accutane or maybe wait a bit longer, btw can we get another update? I'm very happy for you.