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  1. That's exactly the way i felt when I watched this video, I was so inspired and touched by it! I know he claims to be a Godly man and having faith in Jesus, but i still cant fathom how he can stay so positive and live such a vibrant life. it all just seems like supernatural strength to me..I'm going to have to watch that other motivational speech u mentioned, i need all the encouragement i can get lol
  2. ive been battling acne/scars for over a decade now so i can totally relate with all of you and want to help in any way that i can....Therefore, i felt compelled to share this vid with you all and i really hope you guys watch it. it's so inspirational!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ6YJFfjxrM
  3. A competitor company Antria has developed a similar technology to the Celution which is now in a Phase 2 study for facial fat grafting, so undoubtedly we will have this available to us in the next 2 years or so. Also once the Celution technology is approved for scleroderma im sure u will be able to find doctors that will use it off-label to treat acne scars. It's just unfortunate that this treatment is not available to us yet whereas most other advanced countries its been around for years... ht
  4. i truly believe our best hope for curing acne scars is with the celution system(stem cell fat graft)...can't wait for its approval here in the U.S!
  5. http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/acid-attack-girl-bravely-faces-world
  6. FDA Approves Antria Phase 2 Stem Cell Clinical Trials http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fda-approves-antria-phase-2-150700472.html;_ylt=AwrBJSABBLRUqX4AMUHQtDMD
  7. I wonder why they renamed it. Has anyone on here try this filler? if so, can u please share with us your experience and inform us…..
  8. well u can thank the fda, they;;re apparently watching out for us this is the rigorous testing any drug/treatment has to go through til it reaches us…it takes decades sometimes http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/01/03/the-drug-development-process-9-steps-from-the-labo.aspx
  9. if u go on accutane it would no doubt rid u of the cyst, however it will leave u with irritatingly dry skin and a scar..imo it would be better to avoid the accutane and try to reduce the cyst with a more natural approach. firstly keep the cyst and the skin around it extra clean with a gentle soap; my preference is the neutrogena oil free acne wash..also keep in mind to be gentle with it and forbid yourself from squeezing or rubbing it which i know can be pretty tough while asleep..enhance the he
  10. i think for u a recell/fraxel combo or stem cell fat graft with celution is the way to go..unfortunately they're not approved in the states yet
  11. I've heard about acell being used for hair regrowth for some time now, however I'm extremely intrigued in knowing its effectiveness for acne scars. Wish more dermatologists and plastic surgeons would give this a try especially since it's already fda approved http://www.keyetv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/injectable-treatment-helping-women-regrow-their-hair-22185.shtml
  12. New laser treatment for acne scarring to be the next big success in the global acne market https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/laser-treatment-acne-scarring-next-000000412.html
  13. ugh…i really wish celution is approved soon.. the fat is retained like 90%
  14. I'm tempted to try this w dr.coleman..seems viable..has anyone tried it?
  15. i doubt it will work with non ablative treatments..it would have to be either the traditional co2 ablative or fraxel repair for it to deeply penetrate the skin to be most effective and regrow the scarred area.. ibelieve they have recell and stem cell fat grafting (w celution) in austrialia..look into these instead