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  1. You are too adorable! And I love your homemade skirt! Don't worry too much about just being on 20mg for now. I was on 20mg/day for my entire treatment the first time. I don't think I'd even need a second treatment if it wasn't for my birth control totally wrecking havoc on my hormones. That's just a guess, of course, but my skin was perfectly clear after 5 months of 20/mg day anyway. I started on 40mg and the side effects were really rough, so I would have preferred starting lower. The first
  2. hyenalucretia thanks girl! you're too sweet. i'm feeling really down today because i start my new job on friday and i really wanted to wear a certain top, but it has short sleeves and i just don't know if i can do it with all these bumps on my hands and my arms. i'm so embarrassed. i guess it's better than acne, but it looks like i have something horrible! not really the way i want to start off at my new job. hi NYgirl83! are you keeping an accutane journal? i'd be interested to see your progr
  3. Wow Kimberly! You looked flawless in Nov. I bet you're totally cleared up now. Girl, where ya been? I wanna see some pics! xoxo
  4. DAY 96 (I think? Beginning of my 4th month) Sorry I have been so MIA and bad about posting pictures. In the past month I successfully quit my job, packed up my apt with my fiance, drove cross country with our 2 dogs, moved into a house in Texas, bought a new car, and found a job. I'm finally just getting some time to myself. And I just CANNOT find the cable for my camera, so there haven't been any pictures. SKIN: I've had a few zits. They seemed to sprout up right after my dosage was upped to
  5. Peewee, sorry it took me so long to respond! I just moved across the country, I had to buy a car, and I have been interviewing my butt off. So I'm back! First off... NO, I didn't get my period right after stopping the pill. Don't worry about that. The pill really can mess up some people's bodies more than others. Any medication has the potential to change a woman's cycle, and the pill definitely does that. I didn't get my period for about 3 months after I stopped the pill. Secondly, I know
  6. CaramelChick-- I had been doing that for the past few days and I wasn't seeing any difference! UGHHHH! So I called the doc. Halifax-- This is exactly what my doctor told me to do. For some reason he said that Aquaphor isn't what I want to use for this (he said it's better for flakey/cracking dry skin). So he told me to get Lubriderm Intensive Skin Repair (odd- cuz it has fragrance in it) and mix it with a Hydrocortisone cream and apply generously. I've done it for the past few days and the bump
  7. I've had dry skin on my hands through out my Accutane course. My first derm said it was eczema and it sort of looked like it, so I accepted it. I just moved to another state so I had to change derms. This one upped my dosage to 80mg (which was also the plan with my other derm) and that night I noticed I was VERY ITCHY all over my arms. I woke up the next morning with what looked like ant bites all over my arms. It does not look like eczema anymore to me. The ant-like bumps on my hands are no l
  8. I would totally lie, too. Well, I essentially did in the beginning. I was already planning to get my copper IUD and they told me I'd have to have it in for a month before I could start Accutane (which makes no sense-- that rule is for hormonal BC, copper works immediately) so I said that I was still on the pill and they started the process that day instead of waiting a month. PHEW! If you are debating going off of the pill or not, I say totally go for it and just hope for the best with the acn
  9. Hey girl! Just checking in. Our stories are so similar except that I was on Accutane once before almost 10 years ago. I went off the pill in favor of a copper IUD and I broke out horribly and it just got worse and worse. I was just going to wait it out. And then I got engaged! And I was like OH NO I can't get married like this! I just started my third month and I get married May 2nd, 2010. My acne is now mild (thanks Accutane course #1) but really resistant to anything and everything (f you, g
  10. Hey! I really don't think Yaz will be pulled, but I understand your worry. I was just starting the process of going back on Accutane when I heard that Roche was no longer selling and I was FREAKED OUT. Luckily they have generics. When I was on Accutane the first time there were no generics, so I was still kinda freaked out and skeptical. But anyway, I don't think there's a generic for Yaz. I think that's why they're still able to charge so much for it. So I can't give you advice on that specifi
  11. Oh lord. I just called the new derm office to make the appt. Fine, easy enough- Jan 12th (perfect). But when I asked how long it would take to get the doctor transfer request OK'ed in IPledge she said it depended on the other doctor and blood work. I have no idea what she's talking about because as I understand it, it's just that they confirm you in the system. Maybe they actually need all my records and stuff before they can confirm me? I'm going to call back in a few days if it's not OK'ed by
  12. OK, thanks guys. I have to admit I'm pretty nervous about this going as planned. I'm going to call the TX derm today and push them to accept my transfer request (even though I already gave them a head's up) and to schedule my appt. I'll call my NYC derm either today or tomorrow and have the medical records sent. But I think I might also just go by and see if I can physically take them with me like Cecelia suggested. Wish me luck! I'll update and let everyone know how it goes in case anyone el
  13. I had my last derm visit in NYC on Dec 14th and picked up my RX on Dec 17th. I am in the middle of moving to Texas RIGHT NOW! I called the new doc and they told me to just change my prescriber in IPledge (just did it) and to have my medical records sent (still need to do). Does it really go this smoothly? I'm nervous that something is going to go wrong. Has anyone done this? How did it go?
  14. FYI NYC PEOPLE: I went to CVS on 34th and 3rd in Manhattan and they are fantastic. Not only do they usually have Accutane same day, if they don't, it's only a one day wait. I went to 2 pharmacies last night and 2 this morning until I walked into this CVS. And they're VERY nice which is hardly ever something that happens at a pharmacy in NYC. I highly recommend them! I used them last month and I noticed that it was a same day pick up (so rare), but I didn't go right back to them this time because