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  1. I dont really have ice pick/pit scars, They are shallow but very wide looking scars. Kind of remind me of chicken pox scars but not as deep. I have 2 tubes of retin-a left over from previous acne treatments but they didn't help with acne but my accutane did. Ive been off since around jan/feb. Would it be okay to use retin-a for the scars? will it cause my acne to come back? Ive been acne-less (yes 99.5% acne free since feb).
  2. what should i expect? increased oilyness? i havent had a pimple in the past 3 months!!! hopefully that wont change!
  3. Week 18 Day 1 Still clear and fresh, im glad that i am on my last month of accutane!!!
  4. When Im in my room my skin looks much tanner which in that case i can barely see my scars but when I go into the bathroom mirror my skin appears more pale and the scars show up more. Im korean and black so my skin is kind of brownish/tannish. If I get a deeper tan will it result in the hiding of scars or does it not work?>
  5. What should I expect? My doctor told me JACKSHIT on what to expect on my last month I dont have a appointment in 2 months and this is my last month. What should I expect? Is the oil production going to increase ( ) and am I going to get more pimples? Im on my last month and i was super smooth with no new pimples for nearly 3 months till last night I woke up with 2 new tiny pimples.. less painfull then before and not as annoying as before.
  6. you really should have had blood tests done...it helps monitor blood cholesterol and other things that just asking someone if they are in good health cannot detect. you should really ask about blood tests...i am not allowed to pick up a refill if i dont get my tests done... My doc lets me slide by since he says I get perfect blood tests each time (even after I got alcohol poisoning on new years) bad decisions. Right now I take a liver supplement called NAC to keep my tests perfect and it
  7. bad or good? ive been taking quite a bit to relieve my pain in ass lymph node gland swelling, it hurts soooooo bad so i take tylenol.
  8. week 15 Day 7 clear skinned, smooth, feels like a tad bit of oil is coming back but its not bad at all.. i love accutane,
  9. Week 15 Day 5 Clear skinned, lymph nodes are getting sore as shit and i think are swelling up.. it happens every fucking year around this time grrrr it hurts .
  10. Week 14 Day 7 Wow its flying by.. right now I have no pimples/scabs.. just a few redmarks and scars, the scars are noticably reducing each week or so.. the redmarks are just where the scars are at but its not "that" red. just a slight tint.
  11. Week 14 Day 3 Scab healed no scar at all, the one on my nose busted but it has like a white core which wouldnt extract will theres a scab but a white center on it.. idk if its dried puss or what. im just going to leave it alone my emotions been going crazy, parents are getting divorced.. severe problems with my mom.. grades are terrble (i might have to stay a extra semester for my senior year.... EMBARASSING) life is crazy right now
  12. Week 13 Day 4 The area around the edge of my lip scabbed up and its healing, hmm the bump that was on the side of my nose is getting bigger and its annoying me. ;/
  13. Week 13 Day 2 I finally pricked the bump and i squeezed it and wow literally 5-6 inches of some white stuf came out and it stinked it really bad (yeah i sniffed it lol). I got one on my nose but im going to let it chill.
  14. Week 12 Day 6 Everything is good, still waiting for that god damn bump to go away..
  15. Yep 60mg a day, 3 10mg's 2 times a day. I had severe acne and I noticed improvements around the 2nd month. The first month my face got super slick and oily and seemed like it was flushing. lots of white heads etc. then 2nd month i started to dry up and now im going to my 4th month (i think) and now its evened out. not too oily or dry and clear Week 12 Day 2 Got a appointment tommorow, of course it was new years the other night.. did some drinking a bit too much from what i shoulda limited my s