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  1. Hi, I would like to know how was the affirm laser? does it work? where did you do it? please let me know i have my appt. next week! i'm a little scared

    1. Mick1980

      Affirm Laser?

      DID ANYBODY GET SOME IMPROVEMENTS WITH AFFIRM LASER ? I'll try a first affirm laser treatment tomorrow... Messages here are not really positive about the affirm.... Thanks to answer and let me know if IT WORTH OR NOT after all your treatments done. Thanks
    2. Mick1980

      Scar excision

      My own scar excision
    3. Mick1980

      Scar excision

      HI, I think too that my scar excision looked better the first weeks. It open up too... a bit Will have to post you the actual result cause my third picture was better than now i guess... My scars was deep and i think i'll have better results anyway To answer to your questions : For my first excision, he cutted a long elipse and he used internal stitches, absorbing. But internal stitches caused a reaction after maybe 4 weeks. I thought it was long to heal or to see improvements, b
    4. Mick1980

      Scar excision

      Thanks to reply and comment ; ) Now, after almost 3 months, it looks still like the third picture. Will post soon. The healing is long. I guess it may take 6 months to have the final result. The red or pink color of my new scar is supposed to become lighter than my skin color. It wont disappear completely but usually, people will have to be very closer to your face to see it. My new scar / line was supposed to be really fine... but it's larger than i expected (but it was my worst and deepe
    5. Mick1980

      Scar excision

      Hi, Pictures of scar scalpel excision : I had a first scar excision on July 7th. Feel free to comment or give pertinent information ; )