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  1. poor guy.... lets hope for him that his red marks dont take forever to heal.
  2. Alright, you convinced me . Next time I'll do 1 layer again, and see how it turns out. My skin is pretty tough
  3. Hmm, is doing more than 1 layer bad for the skin or what? Or does it even reduce the effectivity of glycolic acid? I thought I doing more layers was more effective. (if your skin is comfortable with it of course and mine is) Where did you read that you shouldn't do more than 1 layer?
  4. I bought 50% glycolic acid. I had my 4th Peeling on Friday. I don't get it, i still don't see real improvement on my red marks, just very very very very very little improvement. What's even worse is that I have new zits: I have these very little zits on my forehead since the first peel. What am I doing wrong? It seems that these peels make my skin worse... or is this supposed to be like that? Is the glycolic getting all the shit out of my face before it improves? Here is how I've been doing t
  5. Hey, has anyone of you bought and used the glycolic acid peel? 30 or 50%? Is it good? Do they have quality products or will it fuck up my skin? Please answer.
  6. I use it, and it's good. I don't know if it fades the red marks. I used it for 1 and a half months and it didn't fade them for me. Now I'm using it again to prevent my skin from becoming oily. It's great for that.
  7. So I started to use my cleanser again, I was too afraid to break out lol. Im using: Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash I was drinking ACV for like 1 week, so I thought I might use it as a toner aswell. Is it normal that my skin has become more oily since I use ACV as a toner? I use it for about 3 days now. My regimen is this: Morning: I drink 2 teaspoons ACV dilluted with water and wash with cleanser. Evening: I drink 2 teaspoons ACV dilluted with water, wash with cleanser, appl
  8. well, i think my cleanser is mild. it says pH 5.5, but it's not directly an acne product. It says for sensitive and problematic skin. It's not that i stopped washing my face, I just wash it with warm water in the morning and in the evening. And I put on the iso gel. thats it, and nothing else. I'll do that for a while and see how that goes. If I start breaking out, i'll use my cleanser again. I actually wanted to order a TCA peel kit from makeupartistchoice, but with shipping and all that, it w
  9. hmm, my derm told me to use the isotretinion gel for 3months. I think after Im done with it, i'll ask him about tretinion. I used Aknemycin Plus solution once, i think that had tretinion. but it was not good for the acne and I didnt like it at all. maybe It'd help me but i didn't use it regularily. applying it was a pain, cause it took so long and you had to apply it directly onto the zits. is there a tretinion gel? I like gels better... And another question about tretinion: I heard, but i don't
  10. no, my isotretinion gel does not contain bp. and yeah, I still have some active acne, thats why Im using the isotretinion gel. but it's not as bad as I had 3years ago. after that, i never really had severe acne, maybe 5-6 small ones in 1month, which would go away quickly. but when its summertime, i get very stubborn pimples. In these 3 years, I still kept going to the derm, but he never gave me anything to treat red marks, only acne treatments. what is emu oil? where can I buy it?
  11. hey, my red marks are still on my skin after 3 years. I heard on most people, they fade away in a couple months! but why not mine? they're mostly on my cheeks, cause 3 years ago while I was on vacation, i got a BAD breakout mostly on my cheeks. but i didn't pick, pop or touch them. as soon as i got back home i bought clearasil. haha i know it's stupid, but I was 13 at that time. It didn't help and i went to a doctor. In those 3 years, I constantly used acne products. currently, im using a isotr
  12. hey, I have a question about this... Is it ok to dillute the 2 teaspoon ACV with 1 cup of water? cause i tried to trink 1teaspoon pure and it was burning in my throat.
  13. Michael Jackson (R.I.P) had acne too. Actually, he had to suffer a lot on his skin. he had lupus (can be deadly, but it was not lethal in Michael's case) and vitiligo. Let me quote him from his 1988 biography "Moonwalk": Michael tells how he has changed through puberty and how some of his fans didn't recognize him with acne, some even saying: yuck, what has happened to you?. "It was tough. Everyone had called me cute for a long time, but along with all the other changes, my skin broke out in a
  14. Hi, through google I found this website. I found a topic on this site discussing about TCA Peels. Now I'd like to do one myself, to get rid of the red marks after acne. They're still on my skin after 3years. I heard that they would go away in few months by themselves, but not mine. They're pretty tough. I went to the website "makeupartistschoice" and now im wondering which strength I should use as a beginner, 8%, 12,5% or 15%? I don't want to fuck up my face, but I don't want the peel to be too