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  1. Hey everyone ! I have one indented small scar on my face that i would like to get rid of. Ive heard a lot of great reviews on Dermastamping. Review my pictures of my scar maybe you guys could help me out! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/308202-what-is-this-picture-attached/page__p__3191519#entry3191519 Im going to order a dermastamp on ebay so i have a few questions: 1.Whats the best derma stamp to order? 2. What size needle do i need? 3. What should i do to prep my s
  2. thanks for responding means a lot! any tips on what to ask the dermatoligist?
  3. I posted a forum about a month ago please refer to pictures: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/308202-what-is-this-picture-attached/ Im going to see a dermatologist within the next couple of weeks! IS there any possible way to get rid of that mark? When I'm looking at my reflection through the car window or even inside a store mirror i want to cry. Please let me theres a way to fix this
  4. very inflamed one! it was there for a while and when the scab fell off this was there... do you think i can completley heal this? what are some of my options.... its really depressing
  5. hey everyone! I'm going to see a dermatologist next week! The scar is still there and is very visible and ugly in direct sunlight What do i ask for what type of treatment? Will this go away or am i wasting my time and money?
  6. If so whats a good brand? I have a small scar on my cheek, its not deep just need it to raise it.
  7. i got the scar near the end of october! it went away kinda than a pimple came up again and i let it go away on its own now it looks like this and still very red almost , still fresh :S I hatee this
  8. thanks for the reply! can you give me some products that would be good to heal the scar? How long will it take? acne is honestly so annoying.
  9. Check out my other posts to see this scar from before   i havent used anything on it just my normal routine which is -cetaphil cleanser -exfoliation twice a week - Benzol peroxide - Cetaphil moisturizer   can anyone tell me what this is/ what i can do about it... http://tinypic.com/r/21ct8id/5 http://tinypic.com/r/219z9j9/5
  10. thanks so much everyone for replying! means A LOT when you guys say to rub vitemin E is there a specific brand for that? i will go and by it tonight
  11. if i go under light it looks like its an indent.. unless its just the dark spot making it look indented ? im so scared!
  12. im actually in tears cant do this anymore! If this is a scar its my first one ever im only 17! i dont even have severe acne i get a few clogged pores here and than.. there is a bit of makeup on it at the moment. each picture is taken under a light (different angles)