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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, leelowe. Do you examples of what your daily food intake is? I haven't been on hardly any Acne medication/treatments for about 4 years now. I believe Retina A and BP 10% was the last treatment I was on. Changing what I eat has made the world difference for me. Granted, I am now in my Mid - to late 20's, and Hormonal levels are more stable than what they were, but still, it has made the world of difference for my complexion. I should did on these changes sooner. I
  2. I personally love/loved tinkering and researching ways to improve my acne. I think it was the act of doing something to try to improve my condition which gave me hope for improvement. I've been through many different mental and emotional states w/ my acne over these 11/12 years.. So, I probably have experienced what you are going through, but don't remember going through it (if that makes sense.) I can tell you preparing food with spices is what changed the game for me. Honey, Cinnamon,
  3. My acne healing has stalled.. I am getting new acne, which is quite depressing. I actually formed two new bumps on both sides of my jawline. I kid you not.. They were located right around the same location as eachother. It's crazy. My red marks are still there. I thought they were fading, but it just depends on how much circulation my face gets....... O well, I've been down this road many times, and it gets rather frustrating when you get so close to being clear and you realize t
  4. ^ Wow, Wishclean, that is quite the story. I'm sorry that you had to witness that, but kudos to you wanting to get the bottom of the whole situation. I think you can take a big sigh of relief about having things not go as planned. Whatever presence you gave on the date or through your texting must of given him the impression that you weren't 'Easy' and he obviously did not want to put any anymore effort into trying to 'woo' you. I'm so glad and relieved this story didn't have the worst endin
  5. I'm sorry to hear this, Wishclean. It's sometimes hard to gage things when we're not around the actual person and able to observe the situation. If he is as attractive as you say he is.. He probably as a lot of options out there.. He's may be just toying with your heart to get what he may really wants.. OR It could be the complete opposite.. He may be busy and unable to establish contact or he doesn't want to come across as to clingy. I had a friend that would just let the phone ring o
  6. I think he'll understand. The fact that he likes you reinforces that. I think you can now seriously take that big sigh of relief. Congrats, I hope he's the one for you.
  7. ^thelongestroad has it correct. He probably didn't want to come off as 'clingy' and to interested in the early stages. He probably wanted you to relax and replay the night and let you make a decision weighing everything out. Plus, he wanted to give you the impression he has a life outside of you LOL Anyways, That is great news, I am so happy for you! I made my post before I saw your update. I thought it was a little weird for a guy to still text and make conversation with a woman once
  8. ^ I am sorry for your ordeal, WishClean! I think rejection is something we all acne sufferers can relate to. *HUG* It's a partly a product of the culture we live in. Sad thing is people do treat people differently based on appearance, economic status, age, etc.. This is especially true in the dating relm . IF I can encourage you with anything it is this.. The people that reject you, for those shallow imperfections, are the ones that will turn you into the direction of that special one
  9. Well, I went out to eat today. I decide to have just the salad bar as I'm on the road to clearing my acne. Unfortunately, I am reminded why it isn't a good to eat out when I have acne.. My skin turned all red, and my road to clearing my acne took a detour. Ugh! It is back to the drawling board, and remaining on my original food schedule. Sometimes, I am tempted to think my acne is here to stay or will I never get better.
  10. ^ I use something very similar. It was just lying around, and I just thought, "what the heck".? Do you have any recommendations for both Serum and Protector?
  11. Hey Ladies, I was looking to get advice on what you to use on straightened hair. I just recently straightened it, for the first time ever, (I have long, curly hair), and I'm looking for advice on proper maintenance. What do you use? I must say I really Dig the longer hair look and should have done this a long time ago. Thanks, to those who respond. BP
  12. I agree, Bubbles! The sight is not what it used to be. I didn't actively participate here on acne.org until 2009. There have been a lot of changes here since then. There is no chat and the forum layout has changed quite a bit. I'm still trying to get use to it. I can tell you there definitely has been a decline in user activity since when I started here at acne.org. Anyways, I can understand your frustration as far as posts go. My father had acne ,or forms of it, as a teenager/you
  13. I feel a little frustrated ,with my complexion, at this point. I have made many nutritional adjustments, and I have seen results, but I'm struggling with Hyperpigmentation, red marks and some zits here and there. I gotta keep on trucking, though. It's been quite the ride with acne, But I'm so ready to 'get off the Bus' ...So to speak.
  14. I am happy for you. You have made quite a bit of progress.
  15. Hi, all, I have some hyperpigmentation that won't seem to heal. I have to been treating my acne, and I would like some advice about how to go about treating my Hyperpigmentation problem. My skin almost has a pink look to it. Actually, it resembles the color of pink bologna a lot. most of it is located on the upper cheak, right next to the nose, area. It is on both sides of my face.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.