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  1. they didn't ask if i had insurance when i signed up.
  2. yup i have no insurance. 20$ membership for the year..and then ~$130 for the pills. if u are worried about the cost, you should just TELL (not ask) ur derm that you want the generic. I'm taking claravis and it is generic so it is prob cheaper than real tane.
  3. i hear ppl saying they buy accutane for really expensive...esp without insurance. some of the prices i've heard are ridiculous. i got the walgreens prescription club card ($20/yr) and my accutane (Claravis generic which is like $250) only costs me 130. which is pretty much half the price. the card pays for itself in the first visit. hope this saves some ppl lots of money and encourages those who think accutane is too expensive to give it a try best of luck, medeeha