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  1. @BorntoRun Aw thank you! My second course experience has been so much easier physically and mentally since I know how to prepare myself and what I have to look forward to. I'm sorry to hear it returned for you as well :/ I wish one course would cure it for all of us, but it's not too bad to compromise with two. I hope you decide on something that works for you! Best wishes @katery Thank you! And the best of luck with yours!
  2. @jennyband I have no idea what the overall plan is with my course. But if he wants me to take 40mg the whole time, I want to take it for as long as I can so I can just knock it out for good - hopefully. I hope it's getting better for you by now! It's been 67ish days and my skin is pretty fantastic! I'm getting an active here or there, but they heal really fast and my marks have faded a lot!
  3. Day 47 I'm pretty sure it was the salicylic acid lotion that finally started to irritate my skin. I switched to just aloe and calming serums, and it's finally starting to heal
  4. @jennyband Ah man yeah, sucks SO bad. I was thinking it would be improvement from then on out, but nope, normal week of complete crap It's still definitely going better than with my first course though. Hopefully that's the same case for you too!
  5. @White Stang Thank you My improvement is a little back and forth right now, but it'll be consistent soon enough! As for the hand rash: After I noticed it first appearing, I started moisturizing my hands with a shea butter moisturizing lotion and it hasn't returned since. I think the warmer weather now is also helping. It looked like dry, flaky (scab-like) skin on the top of my fist - not a full out connected red area. I had the exact same thing happen when I was on my first course and it su
  6. I pretty much had the exact same experience as you, starting in 4th grade and breaking out 3-4 months after accutane. I'm now doing a second course of accutane because its apparently more promising if the first course didn't completely do the trick. Especially since ours started at such a young age, I'm not surprised that it requires more a few extra kicks. Have you considered taking accutane again? I would bring it up to your derm if the birth control approach doesn't do the trick. But I hope i
  7. So happy for you! Congrats girl, you of course deserve it
  8. @marek92 A second course is unfortunately very common. Thank you 5 WEEKS Sorry I'm late on the update! It'll be day 42 in two days so I'll wait to post pictures then. I went to the derm this ween and he said I would be staying at 40mg for my entire course because it seemed to be working really well for me, but the day after I saw him I got a pretty brutal break out. It seems like my usual once a month, bad breakout, but it's making me think I should at least get bumped up to 60mg (I wen
  9. @Heine Well my skin was mild-moderate, but for at least a week every month I would have a bad breakout that just butchered me. I switched derms though and my new one is really pro accutane. Just tell them how you feel and what you've already tried, and if they don't approve of you doing a second course, another derm will! I hope it works out well for you with your current derm though! And thank you! I'm like in disbelief that my skin is actually progressing so well
  10. @Heine Haha aw I'm happy to hear it helped someone out! I'd say I started breaking out roughly 3 months after ending my first course, but it was still pretty good most of the time. 4 Weeks All flat red marks & you can see the spot on my shoulder
  11. @SavedByGrace1 Thank you so much! @jennyband Ah, best wishes! My skin was definitely in a much different (generally better) state to start with this time around and it's made the experience so much more bearable. Don't let the IB get you down! I gladly take a couple weeks of bad breakouts for clear skin *forever* after. And I hope the second course is easier for you as well! @happydaisy Oh goodness, thank you I'm not sure of the dosage or time frame approach, but m sure I'll be upping t
  12. My eyebrows definitely sweat weirdly! It's nothing to worry about though. It happened during my first course too and died off after I was done.
  13. @jennyband Hey girl, nice to hear from you! I have a feeling your skin will go back to being clear now that you're back on the pill, just give it a little time! And ah thank you, the best to you as well I'm not nearly as anxious this time around on tane since I know how well it worked for me before and it's just a matter of time. I think my bodys handling it better this time too - knock on wood..
  14. best of luck! i'm 18 as well, on 40mg and just 3 weeks ahead of you!
  15. best of luck with your course i have no doubt that accutane will solve the problem!
  16. @chaitz85 Haha that's what I'm here for Thank you, best to you as well! 3 WEEKS! UPDATE - manageable skin (with makeup) - chest is clear - back has a 'blackhead purging' feel - starting to get a dry rash on my hands - chapped lips - random/short bad headaches - get uncomfortably warm sometimes - sore lower back It's still completely doable and worth it!
  17. @margox Thank you! If you haven't responded to other treatments I would definitely talk to your derm about taking accutane!
  18. @esa - Haha thank you! Jojoba oil works wonders for me! Since its obviously really oily, I like to mix it with cleanser in my hand and wash my face with it, it makes my skin feel so soft and gets rid of any dryness. 2 weeks down nucka I think my IB might be settling down now, but I know well enough from my first course that you can never really call the shots before they're thrown. It's definitely been worse than usual lately, but I'm just keeping my mind on the clear skin to come!
  19. Congrats on making the decision to take accutane! It's a little daunting, but completely worth it just little further down the way! We'll both have clear, wonderful skin in no time. Best wishes
  20. Done with my first 10-pack! Update: Broke out on my left cheek starting on day 5- / Everywhere else is awesome (that was also the start of the monthly week when I usually break out so I'm hoping it calms back down now) Currently just have 3 or 4 spots that are really bothering me and the rest are healing Dry skin - Jojoba Oil Chapped lips - Aquaphor When I blow my nose there is a tad bit of blood No turning back now! We can do this
  21. Alright, so I finally took my first pill on Valentine's Day because I love myself haha just kidding, but really =P My skin is still pretty much in the same manageable state as the last picture, but just a little bit drier. I'll post update pictures soon! Best wishes to everyone on this accutane journey!
  22. I still haven't had the courage to take my first pill I went tanning once on Friday and it really helped dry out my last break out. Now I'm in the clearer portion of the month and loving it so much that I don't want to risk cutting it short with an accutane IB, especially since I'd like to be feeling good on Valentines Day... blah I just need to get it over with.
  23. @Quiescence - Thank you! Aside from my skin being unusually bad right now, it's definitely better than it was pre accutane. The longer I wait to do a second course, the closer it slowly gets to the previous condition though.. If anyone has any questions pertaining to my first course, feel free to ask!