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  1. Having acne prone skin means you live longer. Wow. http://globalnews.ca/news/2970121/having-acne-means-living-longer-while-looking-younger-study/ Yet derms try to shove poison down people’s throats.... one derm said it right it’s a controlled poisoning. Western culture is obsessed with clear skin we need to get over that. Dry skin , eyes , hair loss are the long term consequences of isotretinoin. Joint pain and depression are closely linked too. Putting your personality at
  2. Thanks , read his research it’s ground breaking stuff... and btw no he didn’t take chemotherapy but a lot of his patients did.
  3. “ Whoever masterminded this chemo torture deserves deserves a monument in hell “ quoted from Dr Hamer father of.... German New Medicine.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2123086/Salma-Hayek-talks-depression-hit-big-time.html
  5. Dosage is a factor in severity of long term side effects , no question having said that antibiotics are quite a bit more dangerous especially repeated rounds of anti life biotics cause severe often irreversible damage that WILL shorten your life. A good example would be a Hollywood star who played in “ A few good men “ he was on repeated cycles of antibiotics for acne and thus had his colon removed did isotretinoin play a part in his severe damage maybe but trust me antibiotics were
  6. Systemic dehydration post Accutane is after all permanent.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2245959/Emma-Stone-opens-debilitating-embarrassing-acne--credits-make-artist-flawless-face.html Accutane putting your personality at risk.... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/accutane-putting-your-per_b_1314233
  7. Big mouth over the Internet , in person you would surely not talk to me this way as you would get beat up pretty badly , I’m 6.4 100 kg of pure muscle from working in construction for 30 years . Having said that I can post whatever the fuck I want you fucking idiot . And the sex I have is none of your business , trust me my women are always FULLY satisfied , I can have sex for hours on end and you can’t due to your trust in allopathic medicine BIG fucking mistake buddy. It’s all in the dosa
  8. I swear these allopathic doctors will put us all in an early grave with their toxic filth of synthetic drugs and vaccines.
  9. A guy I know took a flu shot got kidney failure now he is in a fucking wheel chair. Lies lies and more lies. And one guy said he can’t get an erecting under any circumstances even with viagra after tan exposure , that’s fucking pathetic he is only 30. My skin looks great but never having sex again is fucking heart breaking.
  10. Some accutane victims are fucking bed ridden , one woman I talked to said she feels like a 90 year old she can’t even make it up the stairs. She is only 22 for fuck sakes. Dying for clear skin sounds about right.
  11. Buying thousands of dollars in supplements for a drug I took 22 years ago that’s just plain EVIL . Giving accutane to kids is fucking child abuse just like vaccines are , evil fucks. These people are Fucking sociopaths.
  12. It’s fucking heart breaking that they are putting kids on this stuff. These kids have absolutely NO idea what they are getting into down the road. How many fucking lives have to be destroyed before this drug is pulled off the market.
  13. Let me finish off that the number 1 killer in this world is stress , in other words no mental stress until you guys realize this NO progress will be made.