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  1. I usually eat GF porridge oats with water every morning. I'm wondering if oats are contributing to my breakouts and perhaps I should limit them. But now I'm stuck what to eat. I don't eat bread, so no toast. I'm not really into avocardos. I don't eat eggs....
  2. I tried spearmint tea but I didn't see many good results. I think tea is great but I'm not sure it really helps acne as much as some claim. I enjoy green tea, redbush, camomile, chai and lemon and ginger.
  3. I tried spearmint tea but I didn't see many good results. I think tea is great but I'm not sure it really helps acne as much as some claim. I enjoy green tea, redbush, camomile, chai and lemon and ginger.
  4. I don't eat red meat because I read that it causes inflammation. I'm not sure about eggs. I can get organic eggs fairly easy but I know some people swear that eggs cause skin issues. I had a phase last year of eating eggs every morning for about a month and I'm sure it made my skin worse. Though I suppose I could incorporate them back into my meal plan a little. Any thoughts on eggs and acne?
  5. I don't really calorie count, no. For breakfast I always have a fair-sized bowl of GF-Porridge oats with hemp milk (or sometimes just water). I tend to have a bowl in the evenings too if I'm still hungry. Snacks tend to be things like carrot sticks or cucumber sticks. I always try and have a good lunch and dinner - example; yesterday my lunch was left over chicken casserole (organic chicken with casserole veg) and dinner was fresh caught Seabass with asparagus and streamed veg. But as a guy
  6. I'm just fed up. I'm so careful with what I eat because of breakouts that I'm seriously losing weight. I need to incorporate more snacks but... What can I choose? I try nuts but nuts break me out. Fruit - breaks me out hummus - breaks me out chocolate etc. breaks me out I'm quite irritated by it all. What do people here eat for snacks?
  7. mrfringe



    I'm currently into week 9. What can I say? It's been 2 and a bit months and I've seen some good and some bad when it comes to my skin. But I want to be honest and the honest truth is, thus far, I don't think this is a solution to clearing MY skin. Maybe it'll work for others but for me it's just too damn drying. I have dry skin anyway and allowing water to dry on your face and using no moisturiser is just very tough on my skin. It's regularly flaky, always dry and if I eat or move my mouth aroun
  8. I started this 'regime' on Saturday. It's now Monday and I have a fair few white heads and pimples and some even in places where I never usually would breakout. Is this normal? Or could it be a sign that I'm irritating my skin by only washing with water and not moisturizing at all? I've literally tried everything (I know people say that but I really have) - I'm 34 and been plying my skin with all kinds since the age of 17/18 so I felt it was time to try going the route of using absolutely n
  9. I'm not sure I could go for a week without washing my face or that it would be any good for my skin to do so. I agree that some people will wash their face too much etc. but I see nothing wrong with washing your face to clean it, the same as you would any other part of your body. If I didn't wash my face for a day then I'd be incredibly greasy. Any dust, sweat or pollution in the air etc. would be on my skin and just sitting their, awaiting to clog the pores. Going to bed with dirty skin is ju
  10. What is the cream exactly and what is in it?
  11. Drying the skin out is probably just making everything more angry and upset. Try something more natural?
  12. I'm male, 34 and still breakout. I'm not far behind you.
  13. Did you previously have acne before using this?
  14. Do you think it's likely I'll have less chances of a breakout by soaking/peeling the almonds before eating them? I'm really underweight and wanted to snack on nuts but I know nuts can trigger acne breakouts. I heard it was healthier to soak the nuts. Thoughts?
  15. I struggle as I don't eat nuts (they seem to break me out) and I don't eat fruit (due to the high sugar). If I snack it tends to be on carrot and cucumber or GF oat cakes. What do you guys snack on that doesn't trigger breakouts or inflammation?
  16. 1. Less is more. Your skin wants less aggravation/less harmful products. 2. As long as you change your towel every few days you should be fine. I wouldn't think using kitchen roll would be a good idea as bits would come off on your face.
  17. 1. Everyone's skin is different. There is no miracle shampoo for everyone. You'll have to try some things and note the results. 2. If you wash your hair first, why would there be shampoo on your face for longer? Assuming you wash you hair first and get rid of all the shampoo it shouldn't even touch your face. Just tilt your head back so you're hair is in the shower, washing away the soap instead of your face. I feel like some of your posts are just silly.
  18. I feel your pain. I too am 34 and still dealing with breakouts. I've done the antibiotic, accutane, vitamins, you-name-it route and still looking for answers. How's your diet? Sometimes it's easy to focus on trying to deal with the external and not thinking about the internal. Do you drink plenty of water throughout the day? Have you tried herbal teas (green, red bush, ginger etc.)? Are you eating a low-gluten/low-sugar diet, rich with vitamins from fruit and veg? In terms of skin care, it's
  19. Can you quote the book, what they say and their instructions?
  20. 1. I wouldn't think it is bad but it's always best to get filtered water if you can, especially if you live in a 'hard water' area. Buy a filter jug, fill it from the tap, filter the water and drink from that. 2. I've never heard of anyone's skin getting worse when they start to drink more water. I've never heard of a water skin purge. 3. They may be bad but I'm not sure there is strong enough evidence to suggest it one way or another. Bottled water is definitely going to be better than tap
  21. Well, this is your theory, based on your observations, so who am I to say you're right or wrong but if you believe it's down to that then it's likely a hormone issue, right? and Accutane is unlikely to correct that. Accutane just pumps you full of Vitamin A for several months - your skin dries out like crazy and your skin can even get worse. You might come away with nice skin once everything is healed and you've come off of the medication but your gut will be all over the place. Then you'll alw
  22. I've recently stopped using anything on my face that might contribute to clogging my pores, including a moistursor that said in was non-comedogenic (but upon research had at least three ingredients that were pore-clogging). Regardless, I just don't want to be putting stuff on my face that lists endless ingredients I can't even pronounce. So what can I do regarding SPF for when I'm out in the sun/on holiday? I've been dabbling with essential oils and also using glycerin so is there an essential
  23. You should be careful using essential oils undiluted on your skin - some can be very harsh and drying. If you're using them I would suggest adding water to the mix first or use a carrier oil.
  24. Just be careful when it comes to Accutane, if that's the route you ultimately choose. I just turned 34 and you know those people who say they've tried everything (but they really haven't) - I've tried everything. I did Accutane and it worked for about 6 months and then my skin just sort of went back to breaking out again. Living a clean/healthy lifestyle definitely helps but what I'm trying to say is that there is no miracle cure, even Accutane is not guaranteed to resolve anything so before