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  1. I've tried the 'caveman' thing once or twice and the longest was for about 9 weeks! I just found my skin got so dry and blotchy and flaked all the time. I never saw that 'levelling off' period. Eventually I had to return to exfoliating the dead skin and then using something to moisturise. I think this routine would possibly be more effective for those with oilier skin than dry/combination? I do also think though that less is more. I read some people's daily skincare routines and wonde
  2. Suggesting food has very little to do with acne isn't the best advice. Everyone's body reacts differently and whilst the poster above has a brother who eats rubbish and has flawless skin (lucky him) this shouldn't indicate that food plays no part in breakouts or acne. It may play a part in YOUR breakouts, especially if you've tried all those others lotions, potions and pills etc. beforehand. From my personal experience, I find certain foods 'trigger' my breakouts and can make my skin worse.
  3. Sorry, I know this is an olddddddddddd thread. I've had a fair few breakouts lately and I couldn't work out why. I was Googling (as you do) and came across keto and paleo diets and people saying these low carb, high fat diets helped their skin. I spent about 2 hours yesterday stressing about the amount of carbs I actually eat, which were foods I thought were meant to be healthy for you and good for acne prone skin such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, GF oats and some GF bread. Then reading
  4. Bumping this thread with research from just last year (2018) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5949547/
  5. Thanks. So it's day 10 now and a lot of what was coming out on Sunday/Monday is healing. I'm still having some minor blemishes and pimples come up but it's manageable. I will continue on with the MO for a while longer. Overall, I have noticed my skin get much dryer and less oilier. I can imagine that's perfect for someone who had oily skin to start with but for me, whose skin was already on the dry side it's been a bit annoying.
  6. I think oats are okay because although their GI isn't low it's the GL which is most important and that is low. So eating oats shouldn't spike your blood sugar level as it's passed through much slower. Correct me if I am wrong though.
  7. Sorry to hear this. Sadly this forum is pretty inactive these days so I don't know if you'll get much response. I do empathise - although my acne is rather mild, I am 35 (male) and still suffer with regular breakouts and I know how confidence-knocking it can be. Aside from Accutane, have you gone back to a dermatologist for any other treatment? From what say, it's clearly an internal issue. I am similar, in that, these days it seems like pretty much whatever I eat causes some kind of in
  8. Thanks for finding the link. So I've been testing MO since Monday last week, this is now day 8 and to be honest I've only seen my skin get worse with each day. I'm concerned this just isn't working for me. I'm finding my skin feeling irritated every time I use the MO and I'm getting lots of breakouts on my neck (which is a common place for me to breakout) but they look very angry and are sore. I feel like, if this was working for me, I'd be noticing some kind of improvement by day 8 right?
  9. So you use it like a moisturizer essentially then? Rather than a toner? I mean, you're not adding it to a cotton pad and wiping your face you're actually using your hands and massaging it into the skin?
  10. Are you able to link to the information around this? I'm only using MO on it's own. As I said, I nervous to incorporate a citrus oil as previously when I tried using it I felt like it irritated my sensitive skin. However, if there is some evidence that suggests MO will work better alongside the oil I'm willing to give it a try.
  11. May check out that cleanser. Thanks for the tip.
  12. What's your diet like too? Did you change anything around the same time? If you eat something naughty would the MO counteract it and prevent a breakout or would you still need to be careful?
  13. For me I will skip the orange oil. I have tried using it before on my skin and it seemed to irritate it. I am quite sensitive though. Do you use a cleanser or moisturiser? Or does the MO work for you as a moisturiser? My skin is often dry. Currently I am using a few drops of grapeseed oil but no cleanser so just wash with water, add grapeseed oil and then spray MO on other parts of my body. It's helped with my sleep too.
  14. I'm in the UK and purchased an oil from a health food shop (Holland and Barrett). I am on day 3 and haven't been applying directly to my face/neck (where I get breakouts) but other parts of my body. Apparently the 'oil' is absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream so there's no need to apply it directly to your acne. It may be the reason why Nettie had a bad purging, if she was applying it direct to the active acne (?) I have had a few small whiteheads crop up but nothing too bad. I do