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  1. They do help me! I have been taking them consistently still but haven't updated on here because I got busy with finals and holidays. I will take them forever! They help with hormonal acne, not sure if you are a guy or girl, but I know us girls are very prone to hormonal imbalances that cause acne so I know it HAS to be the zinc. Stick with it! I am like 99% clear now, a pimple here and there.
  2. WEEK 11 (2.5 MONTHS): - I stopped posting for a while because midterms started coming up and I got very busy. I think I may be posting less frequently though as i don't see me having any skin epiphanies anytime soon lol - I have currently a few spots (active) and a lot of healing ones on my cheek (those honeslty kind of come and go and I swear it's due to not washing my makeup brushes frequently enough) - I have not had any super inflammed or itchy/painful hormonal spots around my mouth an
  3. I'm so glad that someone has been finding my zinc blog helpful! I literally hopped back on here and decided I should start posting more again (got busy with classes) because I hate when people stop posting things and I am dying to know their progress! Don't give up just yet! I feel like zinc is one of those supplements that if you take it, it may not help, but I really don't think it does harm. In my case, I do believe it messed with my birth control but that's a special case. Also keep in mind
  4. WEEK 6/7 (I skipped a week): - I finally overcame the majority of that awful hormonal breakout, for the most part && most importantly no spotting/bleeding issues (sorry tmi) - now that I'm in week 7, I can say that I am overall happy with how zinc has been helping me out with my skin - the primary improvements are seen in the reduction of hormonal acne around my mouth area which is AMAZING because that's what bothered me the most - I currently have a few minor cysts on the sides of
  5. WEEK 5: - last week I took my zinc pill at 1pm, literally right around the time I take my birth control pill and I started to bleed the next day and for many days after, barely stopped yesterday actually, I also broke out - It's finally getting better, it wasn't super terrible but it was a bad breakout generally - don't really have much more to update, I feel like next week will show more improvement overall, so here are some pictures:
  6. WEEK 4: - I am pleased to update that my skin has continued to improve into week 4 on zinc - I still breakout, still somewhat frequent (but a little less frequent than before) but when I do breakout, they are so minor and tiny; hardly ANY at all are inflamed/cystic - I have really seen a reduction in the acne around my mouth/jawline which is amazing - as far as oiliness goes, I feel that my skin is back to the norm for me, which was combo skin; mildly oily t-zone and dry cheeks - I don
  7. WEEK 3: - the breakouts that popped up on my chin/jawline area have definitely calmed down a lot (sooo happy) - I think I notice slightly oilier skin since being on zinc, but during week 3 now, it seems less noticeable and probably closer to what my skin was normally at (combination skin, but not overly oily t-zone) - the breakouts are much less inflammed, itchy, and painful - I notice a somewhat steady/usual occurrance of spots on my face though, in the usual places (hairline, forehead, aro
  8. Hello there, this is my first blog where I report my improvements using Zinc to treat my persistent, painful acne. Lets get the basics out of the way real quick: - I'm 25, female - currently taking Zinc (as Zinc methionine) 30 mg (OptiZinc by Source Naturals) which also contains Copper (as Copper Sebacate) 288 mcg - also currently taking a women's multivitamin that also contains 15mg of Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) (2+ years) and Yaz birth control pill (8+ years) - I avoid dairy (not lactose
  9. Hello all! Long story short, people: Was on accutane for approx. 5 years, cleared majority of acne issues, still breakout mildly (2-3 painful ones at a time) around mouth/chin area and EXTREMELY oily skin. I believe it's hormonal issues I'm dealing with.. SO, my question, previously stated in title: how easy do you think it will be for me to get prescribed spiro for very mild, but persistent, acne and very oily skin? Everytime I visit the derm, my skin clears up and looks so good that t
  10. Just out of curiosity, is is fairly easy to get prescribed spiro for very mild acne, but very oily skin? I also have other indicators that I have some sort of a hormonal imbalance; oily skin, acne primarily on chin/around mouth are and lower cheeks, "light unwanted facial hairs". Every damn time I go to the derm though, my acne clears up and there is no proof /:
  11. Hello! A little late but I happened to stumble across this post and I'm VERY interested in the drug! How did you get prescribed it? & how is your skin doing now?? Less oily still? No acne issues? Thanks! Hope you still check this thread! Also, just would like to add, I'm partcularly curious about the drug because I took several course of Accutane and have since dealt with some existing mild acne, oily skin, and excessive sweating and heat intolerance (it seems this is a rare side effect bu
  12. Day 10 Borage Oil -- 2 x 300mg GLA - skin felt oilier than yesterday and I checked when I got home (I always blot after approximately 12 hours after washing my face and applying makeup--sorry no pic today but looks like day 5) and sure enough it was MUCH more oil than yesterday.. ugh.. maybe this is not reality but in my experience, usually when thing start getting better, they keep getting better or at least plateau.. NOT get worse again.. then better then worse then better... etc. URGH!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I swear I saw spironolactone on the market for treatment of male pattern baldness or just hair loss in general--That's so strange that you actually experienced hair loss. I'm sorry that you experienced all those side effects.. what a bummer! I have actually never heard of any of those anti-androgens! Thanks for informing me. That's funny that you say that Accutane gave you really dry skin and spiro gave you normal skin.. Accutane for me gave me normal skin (my
  14. No, I haven't tried Spiro. But I am looking into it more as of recently.. what sorts of negative side effects were you experiencing & how well did it control your oil? As well as say Accutane maybe (if you've been on it)?