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  1. Good info on the importance of linoleum acid http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12756111 Dermatoendocrinol. 2009 Mar-Apr; 1(2): 68–71. PMCID: PMC2835893 Copyright © 2009 Landes Bioscience Sebaceous gland lipids Mauro Picardo, Monica Ottaviani, Emanuela Camera, and Arianna Mastrofrancesco San Gallicano Dermatological Institute; IRCCS; Rome, Italy Corresponding author. Correspondence to: Mauro Picardo; San Gallicano Dermatological Institute IRCCS; Via Elio Chianesi 53 00144 Rome; Tel.
  2. So, I'm curious. How is the sunflower oil working out for you so far? I know it's only been a few weeks.
  3. This is an abstract on the importance of Omega 6 & 3 on skin, acne, as well as other skin problems. I'm taking my EPO. I think it's helping. http://www.groupsrv.com/science/about550782.html Healing fats of the skin: the structural and immunologic roles of the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. McCusker MM, Grant-Kels JM. Department of Dermatology University of Connecticut Health Center, 263 Farmington Avenue, MC 6230, Farmington, CT 06030, USA. Abstract Linoleic acid (18:2omega6) and alph
  4. If I were you, I would make an appointment to see a dermatologist if you keep getting more and it doesn't clear up in a few weeks. I waited almost a year to go, and now my skin is recovering, but I went through a year of hell first. Also, start de-stressing if you are stressed.
  5. I use Retin-A .025% and at night, I put jojoba oil on top of it. It helps me, also during the day, I use Lubriderm SPF 15.
  6. I just had a hunch that I am lacking Omega 6 fatty acids, so I started taking Evening Primrose Oil (3-4 g/day). I think it's going to improve my skin as well as my overall health. One article that is interesting on this topic: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/185294.php Lack Of Omega-6 Fatty Acid Linked To Severe Dermatitis Main Category: Dermatology Also Included In: Nutrition / Diet; Genetics Article Date: 14 Apr 2010 - 1:00 PDT University of Illinois scientists have learned that
  7. I drank coffee for years, then increased the amount. About 3 months ago, I switched to decaf. No difference in my skin! I feel more relaxed, and my blood pressure is back to normal, and am happy I switched, but unfortunately the acne is still coming.
  8. I get itchy bumps on my chin that last for days, sometimes weeks. I can't see the white part until it gets red and swollen, then starts to heal/crust over. The crust/scab will fall off and then I see the white part that I can squeeze out. But the itching at the beginning is terrible! I recently thought it might be an allergic reaction to food because I don't get these often. I was thinking I'm allergic to celery, but it may just be acne!!!!
  9. I use lime juice with much success. It will make the dark, raised spots/scars go away in a few weeks. I cut the lime into eights and put them in a small ziplock in the fridge. Then, twice a day get a piece of the lime, squeeze it into a small dish and spread it on your face with your finger. Rub it in pretty good on the scar, leave it on for about an hour and it'll go away in a couple weeks. This has worked on plenty of my raised scars and brown spots.
  10. I know that stress caused my acne, too. Now that I'm not stressed anymore because of an online stress program with my health insurance, meditation, and eating flax seed meal daily, I have a few cysts that remain but are going away. I'm happy for you!
  11. shooshine

    Works really well as a spot treatment in the morning Reduces pimples/cysts to nothing but a small dry patch that easily brushes off Not as harsh as BP or pure undiluted Tea Tree Oil, which the latter can really cause injury to the skin (and eyes if you use it at night) Smells strong-like TTO, but if you use it during the day, it won't bother you so much Works on mild/moderate acne-I had to get my moderate/severe cystic acne under control first with Retin A .025%,
  12. An update to this is: My cystic acne returned after two things happened: I went off my regimen (I remember the day I went on a trip, forgot my flaxseed and just never started it again), then my pimples/cysts started to return slowly) and became extremely stressed at work-so much that I had a continual humming/boiling feeling in my head as well as cysts that would last for 6 months! Now, I'm back on my regimen, as well as using Retin-A. Seems to be working, but the stress and going off my regim
  13. I may be overlooking it somewhere on this post, but can someone explain this regimen to me, in a step 1, step 2, etc. format, or just bullet the main points because i am interested but can't find what to do amidst all of the posts, explaining, etc.
  14. I'm having the same problem. Right now, I feel that the explanation of the BP not causing scarring is bogus. I've had a lot of acne in my 30 years and when it cleared up, I had brown marks that were raised but use of lime juice (for the AHA) removed them completely. I have never had a pit or indentation on my face until last month. I had a recent bought of acne and began the BP and now I am depressed and have crying episodes. I'm quitting the BP and beginning to use Bath and Body Works body
  15. Yes, it really works!! I like the limes cause they're cheaper. I use lime juice on dark scars and they will fade in a week or two. Sometimes it irritates my skin by my mouth and chin, but it goes away. I just cut a lime into 8ths, put it in a ziplock, and every morning, I take an eighth, squeeze it in a little saucer and rub it on my scars with my finger. I leave it on for as long as possible Anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Then I wash it off with a facial buff and cleanser. Just ma
  16. I think it's stress. Go online and search stress management- deep breathing works for me.
  17. Thanks for the answers. I'm surprised to say that my skin is amazing now- and I started my "regimen" July 6, and have only had a few small pimples. I usually get cysts that stay for weeks and weeks, but now, I recently got two that only lasted one day (I popped them w/a needle two days ago), yesterday it was swollen-today, smooth and healing fast- no swelling. My current daily regimen is: -wash face w/ Jergens mild bar soap in morning and night -eat 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed in my c
  18. I'm new as a "registered" user, but have been reading the boards for about two years. My moderate cystic acne seems to be going away and I want to know why! This is a good thing if it lasts! I've been doing many of the things I found here and from other research. Here's what I've been doing for about 2-3 weeks straight. -Eating 2Tablespoons of Flaxseed meal- to help hormones and get Omega 3 -Eating 2 Tablespoons of Wheat Germ (only started 2 days ago) -drinking lots of water -using jojoba